4 Common Causes Of Accidents You Must Be Aware Of

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The roads are a crazy place, and you need to make sure that you are prepared for the dangers. Particularly, if you have little ones in the back. You need to make sure that they are as safe and sound as can be. Well, by learning the common causes of accidents that’s exactly what you can guarantee. So, what causes are we talking about here? There are a few to consider, some of which are in your control and others which aren’t.

Tired Drivers

Tired drivers are dangerous because their reflexes and reaction times are slower. That means that it’s possible they won’t see or react to a hazard when one appears. Ultimately, this may mean that they don’t warn you of the hazard if they are in front of you. Or, they might crash into you if you are in front of them.

There are a couple signs of a tired driver. The first is swerving. If a driver is swerving, they are either intoxicated, not being attention or tired. All of these issues are dangerous on the road. Sleepy drivers can be avoided by either pulling back or overtaking when it is safe to do so.

Car Fault

The most common car fault that causes an accident would be an issue with the tires. A low level of air in one or more of the tires means that there is less grip on the road. You can handle this issue simply by checking your tires before you hit the road. Giving them a quick kick will allow you to do this and make sure that no air has escaped. Check the tread as well. A deeper tread will ensure that you have the right level of grip for your tires.

Aside from this make sure that you keep an eye on the dashboard. If there is any issue that means you should pull over and stop driving, your dash will typically warn you with a quick light that appears. Generally speaking, yellow lights will mean that car is still safe to drive but red means that you should pull over immediately.

Weather Woes

We often think that other drivers are the greatest danger on the road. But the weather can be just as detrimental. Wet roads could mean that you’ll aquaplane. If this happens, you will lose all control of the vehicle, and a crash becomes somewhat inevitable. You can avoid aquaplaning by making sure that you drive at a reasonable speed on the road. You should also make sure that you change your drive habits based on the weather. For instance, you should be further back from the car in front of you in torrential rain.

Drunk Drivers

Lastly, DUIs are still common and can cause a car accident. To avoid this danger, you need to know the signs of a drunk driver. It’s common to think that fast drivers are the dangerous ones, but this isn’t necessarily true. Fast drivers often know they are in control of the car and are confident in their ability to drive. Drunk drivers will often compensate by driving slowly, and this is a clear sign you shouldn’t be anywhere near them.

We hope this helps you deal with any of the issues you might experience on the road that could cause an accident.

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