How to Deal with Insurance Companies After an Accident

Friday, August 3, 2018

Getting into an accident on the road isn't ever something you want to deal with. And when it happens, there are several things that can make it worse. As if being injured or dealing with damage to your vehicle aren't enough, you might also have to deal with insurance companies. You could be communicating not just with your own insurance provider, but another person's too, which makes everything more complicated. Dealing with insurance companies is a pain, but you can make it easier if you know which steps to take. Try these tips to get the result that you want.

Know Your Insurance Policy

When you're in an accident and it's someone else's fault, it could be up to the other person's insurance company to cover your costs. However, often your insurance company could be responsible for paying your costs. There are also other things to remember, such as that your insurer might require you to report the accident to them, even if it wasn't your fault. You should be familiar with your insurance policy so that you know what's what. If you don't know it well, check it over after an accident to make sure you're following its requirements.

Get Legal Help

Having a lawyer on your side is best if you need to deal with insurance companies. The advice from Alpert Schreyer Injury Attorneys is to hire a lawyer before dealing with the at-fault driver's insurance company. They'll be hoping to catch you out so that they can avoid paying, so you should have advice from an attorney to avoid saying anything that will trip you up. A lawyer can tell you what you should and shouldn't say and do, and can help with communicating with insurance companies. You might need their help to fight for what you deserve.

Gather Evidence

You'll need to have evidence from the car accident that you can present to insurers. Writing down how the accident happened and any details from the scene will help you. When you report it to your insurance provider, they will ask you to describe what happened. This is also useful if you need to build a legal case later or if you have to deal with another driver's insurance provider. Make sure you don't admit any fault when describing the accident. Stick to the facts of what happened to make everything clear.

Be Careful About What You Say

Insurance companies will look for any way to get out of paying if they can. That's why it's so important to be careful about what you say to them. If they think that you have admitted to causing the accident, they're not likely to want to cover your costs. Having a lawyer on your side can help with this because they can give you advice, as well as help with communication. It's always important to be cautious so that you don't accidentally say something to imply that the accident was your fault.

Dealing with insurance companies can be tough. Make sure you prepare yourself before contacting anyone.
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