A Brief Health & Fitness Update

Friday, August 31, 2018

When I last posted about a month or so ago I had lost weight but was loving the curves I still had. 

I'm  here to update you but I don't know what I weigh.  And I don't care. I stopped looking.  I stopped obsessing.

I eat because I love food.   I enjoy it.  I don't gorge or binge eat anymore.  But I still eat.

I took a break from exercise and strict dieting to just enjoy my summer and enjoy life.  And it's worked. I think I look fine and I feel AMAZING!

This is so typical of me, always back and forth, up and down.  But I think I'm finally happy now.  As long as I have a little bit of a belly I'll just have to deal!


  1. All that matter is that you feel good. Have a great weekend.


  2. You look amazing! It's always good to take a break and rest up :)



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