Our Porch Floor Makeover

Friday, August 10, 2018

One of the selling points of our home when we purchased it was the amazing screened in porch which was large and beautiful.  As you may see on social media, we spend a lot of time in the porch in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

The porch was added onto the house back in the 90's and while it's still in EXCELLENT shape, I do have 4 dogs and unfortunately we realized some of them were sneaking and peeing on the area rug we had under the table.  We realized that can be a problem in the long run because the wood boards underneath can start rotting away.  So the project began. 

That's what the new boards look like in the areas that were most damaged.  It was kind of a pain in the butt for poor James but with the help of our amazing neighbor he was able to haul them home from the store, cut them, and hammer them in.

We did our best to find a similar color which I think is more blue than the original grey/blue but I could be color blind.  So then we had to lay it out and cut it to size. James also made a point of working in sections. The small section along the window screens was still intact so it could hold all the furniture but then once the big area was done, everything was moved back and he was able to replace the carpet on the outer area.

Once everything was cut, James and I rolled the carpet back up and made sure the surface was vacuumed well with ShopVac before laying on the adhesive.  It was so satisfying with the sound it made and watching it cover the wood. I even put it on Instagram in my stories because I knew people would find it satisfying.

Then it was time to unroll the carpet and lay it down on the wood and adhesive.

James then used a paint roller to make sure the air bubbles were pressed out. 

Look at how nice that looks!!! He then tucked in the edges, cut any excess areas an he even rewrapped the steps! 

Here's the finished product!!!

I will go out of my way to make sure my dogs don't mess this one up.  I swear, I'll make them wear diapers, lol!

We hope we did this correctly since we didn't really look up a specific process and kinda just used common sense.

What home makeovers have you don't completely yourself?

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