Pixie & Grace Birthday Recap

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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My two original girls are a year older and I want to cry. Pixie I had since 2005 and I got Grace 2 years later in 2007.  They were an adorable little duo for a couple more years before I got Stella in 2010.  Anyways, they've always shared a birthday a week apart with Pixie on August 31st and Grace on August 24th and since they are the best of buddies I always have a joint celebration.

This year the gift was courtesy of Chewy - the Goody Box - Grain-Free Box for Dogs.

I was super impressed with this box!  Each selection of food and treats is handpicked for dogs and every box contains 5 or more full size goodies.  All the brands of products are premium brands that are grain-free.  It's a great way to sample different products and foods to see if your dog is ready for a change or just an occasional treat. And these boxes always come with free shipping and make a great special occasion gift!

Inside this box was:
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Food - White Fish & Sweet Potato formula in Broth
This was a big hit with Pixie as she has hardly any teeth so food like this that comes in a broth makes it easy for her to consume.  The highly digestible grain-free formula is great for keeping things running through her system smoothly.  She loved the flavor!

Solid Gold Chewy Dog Treats in Turkey, Sweet Potato and Cinnamon
Again, a great treat option especially because it's easy on Pixie and Grace's little teeth. It's full of protein in the first ingredient (Turkey) and the sweet potatoes give the girls some good fiber.  There's even pumpkin and kelp in this recipe!  It's great for senior dogs with sensitive teeth, too!

Hartz Bug Eyes Dog Toy
Grace loved this darn thing.  She's a chewer and this is great for tough chewers plus it's hilarious to watch the eyes pop out!

Merrick Power Bites Beef Chewy Dog Treats
Another great treat because it's soft and easy on aging dogs and their mouths. All of my dogs seemed to go wild for these treats and loved the beef flavor.  They are a great training reward because of their small and convenient size.

Nulo Freestyle Trainers Duck Recipe
These are another great training reward and they come in handy when Pixie is out on her therapy pet visits.  These treats have duck as the first ingredient as well as blueberries, cherries, honey, and chickpeas.  There's a lot of great nutrients in these and it's only 2 calories per treat so I don't have to worry about making Pixie put weight on.

K9 Natural Meat Mates
This is a delicious food topper and it's great for using on days when my gang seems picky.  It uses just a single source protein that's sustainably farmed from New Zealand. I love freeze dried items because it's less mess for me to serve to the pups.  Regardless, these guys LOVED this topper!

Make sure to wish Pixie and Grace a happy birthday!


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