You're Never Too Busy To...

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The world has gone and gotten itself in a big darned hurry. It doesn’t seem like we’re living our lives any more, we’re racing ourselves to the finish line, propelling ourselves past the quotidian stresses of work or housekeeping or entrepreneurship or parenthood all to cash in a little time in front of the TV or on a date with our significant other before calling it a night, turning it in and hitting the ground running the next morning. Not only is this a pretty poor way to live our lives, not only can all this stress be extremely bad for our health, living our lives as though they’re a sprint can turn us into someone we don’t want to be. It can cause us to be quick tempered, negligent, thoughtless, careless or even belligerent. No matter how stressful or demanding your job, no matter how many extra responsibilities or side hustles you run on the side and no matter how important you are, you’re never too busy to…


Why don’t people smile anymore? Everyone seems so wrapped up in their Twitter feeds and Instagram stories that they’re far more likely to rattle off a dozen smiley emojis than they are to actually flash their pearlies at a fellow human being. This is a huge shame because a warm smile can legitimately make someone’s day. It can show ann underpaid barista how much you appreciate the hard work they put in. It can show your employees how much you value their contribution to your business and it can show your partner how happy you are to see them when they come home from work. It costs us nothing but it can genuinely turn even a bleak day around for someone.

Be a considerate road user

Despite living life at breakneck speed we somehow also always seem to be running late. And as we careen down the highway while fixing our makeup or resisting the urge to answer that ringing phone, due care and attention seems like a pesky inconvenience. But unless you want to find yourself seeking legal counsel because you’ve been summoned to traffic court, see here for additional details, you owe it to yourself and other road users to be considerate. This means not just being a better driver, but a more aware and considerate pedestrian, too.

Say thank you

Never does a day go by in which someone doesn’t do something nice for us. From the colleague who was nice enough to fetch you your morning coffee to the guy who made you your deli wrap for lunch. Sure, they were just doing their job, but they made an effort to make your day better. The least you can do is say thank you!

Perform at least one random act of kindness per day

Random acts of kindness make the world go around. They can be bold, sweeping gestures or little tokens. They can be monetary or manual. Whether it’s donating some money to charity or offering your newspaper to a stranger on the train. In today’s increasingly insular and mistrustful world, none of us is too busy to do something nice for another just for the sake of it.

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