Get The Safest Car By Focusing On These Factors

Thursday, August 2, 2018

You’re probably aware of just how dangerous the roads can be. Every day there are well over 16,000 car accidents on the road in the US alone. Each year, nearly a million people die due to a car crash or collision. If you’re worried about these statistics, you’re not alone. Even car producers are starting to pay attention. Take Volvo for instance. They have set a target to create a death proof car by 2021. While this might sound unrealistic, it is worth looking at the factors that could make a car safer for you and your family on the road. Particularly, if you’re on the market for a new vehicle.

Stopping Distance

Stopping distance is crucial when you’re thinking in terms of safety and purchasing a new vehicle. Any
accident attorney will tell you that a massive portion of car accidents are caused because a driver simply wasn’t able to stop in time. Interestingly, it’s sports cars that tend to have the best stopping distance. The Bugatti Veyron, for instance, had a stopping distance of 103ft which doesn’t sound that impressive. But, when you consider that the car will be pushing 200MPH at the time, it is quite a feat. Typical average stopping distances are around 80ft at just 40 miles per hour. So, any car that can beat this is probably well worth looking into.

Air Bags

You also want to think about airbags. In Hollywood, airbags are dramatized in Hollywood as incredible lifesavers. For instance, two Mission Impossible movies thus far have seen a hero drive a car vertically into the ground and apparently be saved by the magic power of an airbag. While airbags aren’t this useful, they can certainly cushion a blow. That’s why you might wonder why some cars only have two, one for each of the front seats. One of the reasons is that for young children airbags can be more dangerous than helpful. However, some cars do have smaller airbags around the back seats to help cushion a blow, and these vehicles are worth looking into.

Smart Tech

You have probably heard of autonomous vehicles. Unfortunately, this type of car might be outside your price range. But there are more basic forms of this tech that allow a car to respond once a hazard has been recognized and essentially course correct. That could be useful, particularly if you are worried about other drivers putting you in danger on the road.

The Body

Finally, look at the body of the car you are buying. The front of the car should be designed in a way to take the full brunt of a crash, thus protecting you and anyone else inside the vehicle. Some cars are better at this than others and size does matter here. A car with a big front may certainly be safer than one with a small, slick, slanted bonnet that will do nothing for you if you are involved in a head-on collision.

Lookout for these factors and you will be able to make sure that car you’re purchasing is a great choice for safety.

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