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Monday, August 20, 2018

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I don't know about your pets but 3 of my 4 Chihuahuas are NOT a fan of fireworks and thunderstorms.  I mean they become little babies and follow me around trembling.  If I'm not home they'll hide.  Some people ask how I know they are showing signs and symptoms of anxiety. Well, it's easy.  Stella goes to a corner and stares at the wall. 

Grace pants excessively, holds a paw up, and gets real restless.  Or if I'm around she'll want to be snuggled right up against me.

Rocky puts his ears straight up and back and he will tremble and stare at me with buggy eyes. 

Oh and Pixie? She doesn't care. Not one bit.  Nothing phases her.

It's heartbreaking to watch and I always say I would try anything to make it easier on them.  So I did.  And I am so happy with the results from using ThunderWorks products. 

The first thing I tried is the Dog Pheromone Diffuser Kit. This uses calming pheromones to mimic the natural pheromones emitted by dogs and cats to calm themselves. It was actually tested to be over 90% effective for reducing anxiety and unwanted behavior that sometimes comes along with it. I'm lucky I don't see this in my dogs but some people have dogs that can get destructive or noisy.  This is a totally drug-free way to help your dog (or cat) feel less-stressed and safer.  You can use it in any room that your dog or cat uses the most.  It's great for problem barking, keeping pets calm when socializing or training, destructive chewing, loud noises like thunder and fireworks, and uneasiness that comes from being in a new home or environment.

It looks like your average air freshener/diffuser plug in so your guests probably won't even see it.  It's nice and discreet and only your dogs can smell it.

It goes good with pretty much any room d├ęcor so don't worry about that.  Once I started using it during the really bad thunderstorms we had a couple weeks ago I couldn't believe the difference.  Rocky kept sleeping, Stella stirred a bit but didn't go to a corner, and Grace didn't even react to the thunder.  It was loud too so this wasn't just a small storm that they may not have heard.

See? Grace doesn't even notice it's there.   I really love the fact that I don't have to dose my dogs with any medications or drugs to keep them calm and relaxed during scary and stressful moments anymore. 

The Thunderessence Dog Calming Essential Oil Drops were another awesome solution. These are 100% natural essential oils from Lavender, Chamomile, and Egyptian Geranium.  These are common oils that have been used for calming and health benefits in both humans and dogs.  They are perfect for at home, vet visits, car rides, and pretty much any stressful scenario. I actually like to put a drop or two right in their bedding at home or in their car seat blanket when we are travelling.  It's made vet visits so much easier and if I put a drop or two in their bedding when I know a thunderstorm is on it's way it seems to help them stay calm and happy and barely affected by the thunder.

You have to check out ThunderWorks anxiety products today so you can ensure your pets will be happy and stress free no matter what!

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