5 Summer Picnic Foods

Monday, August 6, 2018

The thing about summer picnics and the type of food you should bring is that you want to make it something simple, easy, and something that you will want to eat despite the heat and humidity.

Today I put together a few of my favorite go to items to bring when I go out for a picnic or when I need to bring something along to a cookout.

Cheese and Crackers
I mean, who doesn't love cheese? You can make it even easier on yourself by getting pre-sliced cheese that you can eat right out of the packaging.  I like to make pretty arrangements on a cutting board so I always pack one of those along.  This is a great food option when you're going to a winery!

Mini Waters or Wines
Obviously if you enjoy wine, you should bring along mini wine bottles because it's much less mess than pouring glass after glass out of a large wine bottle.  And always always ALWAYS bring mini water bottles to keep you hydrated if you're going to be outdoors!
Subs or Sandwiches
Subs and sandwiches are a GREAT hot weather food because they're easy to consume, a breeze to clean up, and they don't have to be heated at all.

Fruit Salad
Bringing a fruit salad along can be as simple as dumping your favorite fruits into one big container.  It's a refreshing, colorful, yummy treat!

Veggies and Dip
Veggies and dip are cool, refreshing, and healthy.  They make virtually no mess and the colors always look pretty on display.  I like to get things like carrots, celeries, little tomatoes, and then cucumbers because they are full of water and help cool me down in the heat.

What's your go to food to bring along to an outdoor picnic?

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