Why Getting A Second-Hand Car Isn't Always A Good Idea

Thursday, August 2, 2018

If you’ve ever spoken to someone about buying a new car, then the typical piece of advice is to buy a second-hand one. Used cars offer more value for money because purchasing a brand new vehicle is never a smart investment. They lose value instantly, and you’ll never sell one for a profit. 

So, from a purely monetary perspective, used cars are the better option. But, there are a few things to consider that might make you think twice about getting a second-hand car. 

 There’s More Financial Protection From New Cars

Arguably, you get a bit more financial protection when you buy a brand new car. Let’s say you’re driving along and realize there’s a problem with one of the parts. In this scenario, it should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty so you can get it fixed/replaced for free. Furthermore, if the issue caused you to crash your car and get hurt, then you can sue the manufacturer for compensation. This is because it falls under the heading of an auto defect, and you can learn more about this
at Hughey Injury Lawyers. With a used car, you’re not really covered in either scenario. It could be decades old, which means there’s no hope of a warranty still being active on it. Plus, if you crashed, there’s no real way to prove that it was a manufacturing fault that caused it because your car is old. 

 They Tend To Run Worse Than New Ones

In a similar sense, a new car should run a lot better than a second-hand one because it’s straight off the factory line. There should - key word being should - be no reasons for any of the above scenarios to take place as new cars are fresh and free from any niggling problems. With a used one, there’s far more chance you have to pay for running repairs after a few months/years. Plus, you shouldn’t ever buy a new car and need to pay for repairs or
tune-ups right away. However, this is often the case with a second-hand one. 

 New Cars Are Potentially Safer

a new car is safer than an old one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they don’t have loads of miles on the clock and a possible history of issues. Therefore, there’s less to worry about with regards to something going wrong and causing an accident. Secondly, new cars come with all the latest and greatest safety technology. As you can see from the video linked below, there are some crazy car safety features in modern vehicles. When you buy a second-hand car, you miss out on so many features that could possibly prevent you from getting into an accident.

Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to buy a new car instead of a second-hand one! Instead, I want you to think about your decision a lot more than you may have done initially. If money is your biggest issue, then buy a used car. But, if you can afford a new one and are debating whether it’s worth it, then these reasons prove it could well be.

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