How To Appreciate Senior Citizens [Senior Citizen's Day is August 21st]

Monday, August 13, 2018

Look, I get it.  Sometimes "old people" can be really frustrating.  Sometimes they drive really slow and don't use their turn signals.  Sometimes they take forever at the grocery store check out line because they're writing a check.  Sometimes they take a long time in line at the customer service desk because they're just slower and it's hard for them to keep up with everything around them.  But whether you like it or not, some day you too will become a senior citizen. And August 21st is Senior Citizen's Day so to celebrate I'm discussing how better appreciate Senior Citizens and giving you some ideas of what to do for them, especially next week on August 21st.

Be Patient With Them
They don't intentionally try to frustrate you but remember that to them the world is a very fast paced changing place and they may be confused, hard of hearing, and may struggle to read signs.  Before you start huffing and puffing in line behind them, just remember that they can't help it.  And remember that you too will be old one day and would you like it if people treated you unkind?  Sometimes when I start to feel frustrated I make myself think that exact thought and it makes me calm down and become more patient and understanding immediately. 

Listen To Them
Elderly folks love to talk to whomever will listen. Sometimes they are lonely because there's less people around to chat with so next time a senior citizen tells you a story, LISTEN.  Even if it's boring, nod and act interested because it makes them feel really good.   Plus, they can all teach us something about the times before we even existed.

Help Them
That old lady in front of you in the cereal aisle that's blocking the way with her cart may actually be struggling to reach a top shelf. Instead of getting angry that she's blocking your way, ask her if she needs assistance. Grab the cereal and move her cart.  If you see an elderly person struggling to open a door, read a sign, or understand what someone else is saying to them, for goodness sakes ASSIST them! Even if they aren't inconveniencing you, help them! Ask an elderly person if they want you to put their grocery cart back for them.  Pay for someone's coffee behind you in line.  When raking your own yard, ask your elderly neighbor if they want you to rake theirs. 

Remind Others  
Sometimes others get caught up in the frustration of dealing with senior citizens so remind them all of the things above.  Help them be more gentle and influence them to be more kind.

What are you going to do to celebrate Senior Citizen's Day?

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