Not-So-Helpful Habits That Your Teeth Can Do Without

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Most of us think that if we are brushing our teeth twice a day whilst flossing every now and then, our teeth will remain in top condition no matter what. However, there are other dangerous habits that we have come to see as harmless that can actually do more damage than good.

This article will discuss what those are, so you can correct them now before it’s too late. All of us at one point or another may have done some things on this list, but these tips come from the professionals. One interesting point reveals how brushing softly is far better than brushing harder. This is because the enamel gets worn away over time with aggressive force.

It’s interesting to note that healthy habits we take up to promote health may also be having a negative side effect on our teeth. This next section will discuss what these are, so you know exactly what to avoid.

Brushing after eating

Directly brushing your teeth after you eat can cause damage. This is because foods high in acid such as tomatoes will soften the tooth’s enamel momentarily. During this time, the teeth become highly sensitive to wear and tear.

When you brush your teeth in a hard manner, this can weaken the enamel and leave you with sensitive teeth. The best time to wait is 30 minutes after eating.

Watch out for prescription meds

Some medications can cause your dental health to take a toll. A highly experienced dentist Alexandria residents are visiting said things such as antidepressants or pain killers can reduce saliva and cause your teeth to become more susceptible to damage.

The dryer the mouth, the higher the possibility of tooth decay. So, the best way to counteract this is keeping hydrated and ensuring you drink enough water.

Chewing ice

Chewing on ice can be a bit of a stress reliever for some but can really damage your teeth. They are thought to create tiny cracks in the enamel and over the years can cause bigger issues.

Consuming soda

Soft drinks contain acids that soften the enamel and may lead to more fillings but the same can be said with soda. Try and limit your sodas and if you do have them or lots of coffee/tea, make sure you rinse the mouth with water directly after drinking.

Biting your nails

This is a very common habit that can up the risk of you catching bad bacteria but also could contribute to enamel cracks. The pressure you put on your teeth can promote these chips.

Making sure you avoid all of these actions can give you a much healthier smile and promote the health of your teeth.

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