How To Grow Your Email Subscribers

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

As a blogger or even a small business owner, you should know by now how important it is to have an email newsletter whether it's daily, weekly, monthly, or on an as needed basis.  Email newsletters keep your fans and readers informed when they can't make it directly to your website or blog or see you on social media.  The email gets directly to them in their inbox so they practically HAVE to see it.

So today I wanted to go over a few tips to help you grow your email subscribers.

1. Ask people to sign up.
Yes, it's as simple as that. Some people may not think to sign up until you ask. So post it on your social media along with a link to sign up at.  At the end of each blog post, make a one liner explaining why people should remember to subscribe to your newsletter. 

2. Offer something in return.
It can be a free printable, access to a cool tutorial, or even an ebook.  It always makes the offer to subscribe way more appealing when someone gets something in return.  You know how when you visit a kiosk somewhere and they tell you that you'll get a free pen for giving them your email address? Isn't that more appealing than if they gave you nothing?

3. Set an appropriate schedule.
Some people get annoyed with a new email every time you make a new blog post so set a decent schedule of a daily or weekly email that goes out.  If you post often then a daily or weekly email should be suffice.  If you post a couple times a month, a monthly email may be suffice.

4. Make it a bonus entry for a giveaway.
When you run giveaways on your blog or website, make sure you ask them to subscribe to your email newsletter for an extra entry.  It's a great way to stack new subscribers. Make sure they don't have to do any work of tracking down the place to sign up.  Just give them the link that takes them directly to the sign up space.

5. Let them know what they're signing up for.
It's ALWAYS a great idea to entice potential sign-ups but simply letting them know what they'll get.  If it's a daily email with beauty tips and a recap of your week's blog posts, LET THEM KNOW.

What makes YOU more likely to subscribe to someone's email list?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips.


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