10 Ways My Book (Fixing Your Finances) Will Help You Financially

Monday, October 22, 2018

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Fixing Your Finances Book

It's the Monday after payday and you're already broke again.  Your bills are paid and there's really nothing left for you to enjoy.  You don't even have extra money to put in a savings fund, or pay off your credit card.  YOU, my friend, NEED MY BOOK.

It's no surprise that I have written a book....because I literally shout about it anytime I can. 

"Hi I'm Sharon, and you are?"
"BOOK! Oh I mean, Ellen and I wrote a book!"

But there's nothing wrong with that because I'm damn proud of my accomplishments! But the thing about this book is that it can actually help you and it WILL help you if you read it and put it into action.  And before you roll your eyes because you hate that "action" word, just know that I literally walk you through everything. 

Now remember, several years ago I had a ton of credit card debt, no savings, and was living paycheck to paycheck.  I paid off all my credit card debt, have a savings, and manage my money each month so well that I never feel broke AF.  Ok, I'm totally lying.  I always feel broke AF because I want ALL THE THINGS.  I'm obsessed with home décor and I don't even think my home is big enough for all the shit I want.

Now, of course if you buy my book I'll get a little kickback, but hey I earned it right?  So I urge you to give me $3 by purchasing my book on Amazon here. Or for a limited time you can buy it on Lulu for 20% off here.

And if you need more convincing other than that I have 4 dogs and vet bills are expensive AF, I can hopefully sway you to buy my book by explaining 10 ways it can help you financially! And before you say that you probably don't need it, don't make me smack the heck outta you because I'm about to explain why you do!

#1 - It holds you accountable.
Yea, yea, yea.  You think you already are on the right track and you know where your money goes and you have a plan and blah blah blah.   But the same people that tell me that are the same people that on a weekly basis say "I'm broke".  Or they tell me that they're so stressed about money.  So YOU my friend, do need to be held accountable and that's exactly what I do in my book.  I make you take a long and hard ass look at where your money has been going the past few months and instead of berating you about your choices, I make you divide those expenses into categories that you can put a little bit away in each month with your paychecks.  So it's totally cool to be out at the bars every weekend, as long as you know about how much you spend (or want to spend) and determine how to break that amount up by paycheck. 

#2 - It forces you to manage every dollar.
Like I just said above - we decide where your money from each paycheck goes.  But we do this in a way where you don't have any money leftover to spend like a maniac when they see those FunkoPop things on sale.  Which by the way, total sidenote, but I have no interest in those things yet it seems like there's a cult following.   Anyways, so I will make your ass sit down and make every dollar of your bank account directed to somewhere whether it's for the bills, groceries, savings, fun, or an emergency. When payday comes around I end up with ZERO in my checking and no it ain't because I'm broke, thank you very much; it's because I put that money into a variety of different places to spend later.

#3 - It forces you to stockpile an emergency fund ASAP!
Before you can pay off your debts (which I force you to stare at long and hard) you have to have $1,000 (or $500 at the least) set aside for emergencies.  An emergency can be anything from something on your car breaking, a vet bill, a doctor bill, a speeding ticket, or anything else you can think of that makes you say "OH SHIT!".  I make you do whatever the hell you have to, just short of robbing a bank of course, to get that $500-$1,000.  And when people say "Nah, dude I literally can't come up with that because I'm so broke", I ask them what they would do if they needed to come up with $1,000 NOT ON CREDIT to save their child's life.  They immediately say they'd sell things, get a side gig, etc.  So yea DUDES, you can totally do it.   The reason you need that money is because you HAVE to stop using credit cards for emergencies.  And you won't have to if you have the cash stashed.  And don't worry, I will give you lots of creative ways to come up with that money.

#4 - It allows you to have fun without justifying it.
If you want to go clothing shopping every month or spend money on drinks and dinner every week with friends, you can! I am not shaming you at all even though you may worry that others will.  Each month I put money from each paycheck into my Clothing fund, my Fun fund, and my Home fund  If I want to buy home décor, go shopping for new shoes, or go out with friends, I can, as long as I have money in the budget for it and I stay within the budgeted amount I have.  So no, you don't have to live like a damn hermit. Stop making excuses to not read my book!

#5 - It keeps you motivated.
When you see that I did everything I write about it reminds you that it IS POSSIBLE.  And when you start feeling discouraged you can just read certain parts of my book over again.  You can always reach out to me and ask for advice or tell me how you're doing with it all.  It will remind you that you are not alone and that you can do this!

#6 - It gives you tips to live within your means.
Living within your means doesn't mean living like a hermit.  I just means you are realistic and disciplined.  It means that you  may have to start meal planning and being more organized with that in order to cut back on the impulse buys and thinking you have nothing to eat when really there's like 5 ingredients in the pantry just waiting for you to throw together. 

#7 - It gives you life hacks.
Aside from meal planning there's some other fun little tidbits to earn some side cash and some HUGE life hacks on how you can use cash to curb your spending.   I know that sounds ridiculous but it sooooo works.  You can come up with and create your own wallet with envelopes for the different spending categories.   

#8 - It gets you started on a realistic budget you can actually download!
I have created the spreadsheets I used to track my debt payoff and live by a monthly budget and made them available for download for a super cheap price!   You can get the spreadsheets for FREE here.

#9 - It MAKES YOU face your debt.
Do you want to puke every month when you see your credit card statement come in? I have been there.  I was in a very very bad place.   But I promise you that looking your debt straight in the face and making a plan will get rid of that feeling.  And I walk you through the entire thing.  I give you a payment plan and I give you a way to track it.  You don't have to do this alone!!!

#10 - It encourages you to brag and celebrate EVERY win!
Even if it's only a $60 credit card that you paid off, it doesn't matter. CELEBRATE!!!! Because you're one big step closer to paying off your next debt!!  I let my positivity shine in this book to keep your encouraged and in the mood to brag.  The best part is, you can always brag to me and I'll never get annoyed with you!

So again here is the link to buy my book on Amazon! I promise you will not regret it.  Check out the Amazon reviews by the way, and if you've already read it - leave a review please!!! I'm also coming out with an ebook version soon but in the meantime if you want a PDF version you can buy it for a few bucks cheaper here.

Also make sure you join my Facebook Group, based off of my book! We have weekly challenges and I'm always there to help you ASAP!

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