How We Celebrated Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

 One year ago on October 12, 2017 we went in front of our favorite judge, in a $20 dress and $24 hair style, with our parents to watch, and a great photographer friend, and we had a nice little ceremony followed by a celebratory lunch at a local restaurant.

Two days later, we hosted 70 of our closest friends and family at our home. 

The entire wedding from invitations to ceremony to reception was budget friendly and I made a blog post about how we got married for under $2,500

Before I show you how we spent our anniversary weekend let's take a look back on some highlights from our first year of marriage. 
It was a rather uneventful one which is great news. 

We celebrated our August birthdays with family and saw some relatives from out of town. 

We had a mini honeymoon at James' family cabin in Caledonia State Park, Adams County, Pennsylvania. 

We lost our beloved rat Charlotte but got 2 new guys, Meeko and Jax. 

Our home had some major improvements, thanks to saving money on a wedding we had more to spend on the house. 

We redid the flooring on our beautiful screened in porch. 

We got a GORGEOUS new Patio

And we got our garage and basement floors epoxy coated.

So how did we spend our weekend? 
Well just before lunch, James had 2 dozen red roses delivered. 

He also got me a gorgeous bracelet with our wedding month's birthstone on it and had it engraved with our wedding date on the inside.  

For dinner we went to the restaurant we went to on our last date night as an unmarried couple, Greystone Public House.

It was a nice relaxing weekend.  And honestly the first year of marriage has been a breeze. 

Thanks for checking out how we spent our one year anniversary!


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