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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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No that's not a bra strap - that's a cami strap.  A cami with a built in bra!

I've been wanting to do a post about this for the longest time simply because I talk about on every other form of social media there is.   You know how people make fun of those photos that circulate as memes of people at Walmart?  They have a wedgie, no bra, and their hair looks like they just got electrocuted like Marv on Home Alone.  Well, I used to laugh at those.  Then I became the no bra woman. 

Yes, just call me the BRALESS BLOGGER!!!!! Because once I get home from work I take off my normal human clothing and put on something less socially acceptable.  Generally it's yoga pants (which are fine) and a cami top with a built in bra.  It's comfy AF and I hate wearing a bra any longer than I have to.  I plan to kick back and relax at home all evening until I realize I desperately need something at the store.  I am so quick to want to get it over with that I just grab my keys and go.  Should I go change clothes completely? NO! Why bother?  

So I go running off without a bra.  Now, I don't really think you can tell at first but I do try to walk a certain way so they aren't bouncing.  And as I approach someone in a store I always think "what if they take a photo of me and it ends up as a meme?!".

But it gets worse.... in the winter time I wear long pajama bottoms that come in generally ugly colors.  I have this one pair and they are soft and baggy and a medical field blue/green.  Yes, like scrubs.  I always thought that and then one day it was confirmed.  I was running into the liquor store with my pjs on and a coat over my braless top half.  When I got to the register the two clerks asked if I was a doctor and I looked at them extremely confused.  Then they told me I had scrub pants on and I looked to be in a hurry.   So I reluctantly admitted that no, I'm just a lazy ass haggard 30 something woman that's too careless to not impersonate a doctor when she goes out.
This is the type of ISH I go out in!

Another time I had similar pajama bottoms on except they had black and grey stripes.  A guy walking out of the store behind me told me they were fabulous pants! So I confessed that they were pajamas and he told me that shouldn't even matter.

And just recently I started wearing a belt ! Normally I despise belts because I feel like belts squish and squeeze me and make it hard for me to sit comfortably.  But I started wearing the InfinityBelt which is seriously a gem! I'm already a sucker for fashion fix type products so it didn't take much convincing for me to try this thing out.  There's no more bulge, no more constantly hitching up my pants, no obnoxious poking button tab, and it's self adjusting.  It's literally EASY AS ANYTHING to wear and no one knows it's not a "real belt".  Plus if you travel, you def don't have to remove it for airport security so there's another time saver!

So you know what - I'm proud that I'm dubbing myself the braless blogger.   And if you see me, don't be afraid to wave but just know that I may not wave back too dramatically or else everything will be flopping all over the place!

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  1. I think a cami with a shelf bra is still a form of a bra. I like them too but I need them to not be too loose. TMI but after nursing my daughter (which ended 1.5 years ago) I have not felt comfortable going 100% braless since. I feel like I need some kind of support. I continue to wear cotton "sleep bras" which sounds crazy but are comfy for evening when I have my PJs on but I'm walking around the house and still need some support. I don't want anything sagging to my knees when I'm 60. I also like nightgowns with built in cami/shelf bra.

  2. OMG you're too funny, Ellen!! Shannon is the same, straight into her PJ's when she gets home. I don't bother....honestly since I wear leggings and tunics most days to work, it's nearly like I'm in PJ's anyway!! Case in point today - Lularoe leggings, tunic, scarf, and cowboy boots! Comfy!!

  3. I'm all can cami's with built in bra in them. They are the best.


  4. Hehe! At least you have a built in bra in your cami. I don't mind being braless at home but my body wasn't built for being braless in public 😂😂 I do advocate for being as comfortable as possible at all times though!



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