Small Garden? No Problem

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The size of each individual’s garden obviously varies, however, the size of your outdoor space is not what matters, small gardens can often give the illusion that they are a lot bigger than reality with some careful planning. This blog post will divulge some garden ideas for small gardens to make your outside space appears bigger than it actually is.

Your garden is not limit vertically

It is important to recognise that while your outdoor space may be limited horizontally, it is not limited vertically. It is a good idea to play around with different sized trees, make sure to include some tall ones, and this will make your garden appear larger. Try to opt for trees that are taller than they are wide to ensure that you don’t cramp up the space.

Choose colours carefully

An additional area to deal with when planning the design of
your garden is to consider the colours you will use. It is often tempting to buy an array of bright colourful plants and place them randomly all around the garden, but if you think carefully about the colours you are going to use and their placement you will be able to make your garden appear bigger. It is often advised to place colours such as blues and greens around the edges of the garden and on the other hand place warm colours, such as red, yellow and orange in the centre of your garden. This is because your eyes will be drawn to the warmers colours whereas the cooler colours will blur out the garden’s edges, thus blurring the dimensions of your outdoor space.

Break up the space

Breaking up the space is another way to make your small garden appear bigger than it is. This is where
patio decking comes in useful. You can create a space for eating and socialising, as well as an area for planting herbs and vegetables. This will make your garden appear larger than it is.

No clutter

A final point of consideration is too ensure that you stay away from too much
clutter; if you add too much to your garden it will look cramped and probably even appear smaller than it actually is. You should also keep things simple, by this I mean do not incorporate too many contrasting styles and materials. When picking plants, pots, and garden furniture stick to a particular theme.

All in all, a smaller garden can still take centre stage and does not mean it can’t be as attractive and beautiful as a large one. You simply need to be realistic and decide what elements to include and which ones to leave out; you can’t incorporate everything into a limited space. These garden ideas for small gardens mentioned should help you to ensure your garden is not only stunning but looks more spacious too.

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