Impressing Your Husband with Something Out Of The Blue

Friday, October 26, 2018

What makes a relationship last, is not the ring on your finger but the constant efforts you make. Things like knowing when your husband is tired and just wants to lay down on the bed or sit on the couch straight after work, and not bothering him with anything really goes a long way. Rather than hauling out the trash, fixing something wrong with the car or even running an errand such as going to the grocery store, let him be with his thoughts when he’s tired. The same goes for you when you have had a long day you just don’t want to do the ABCs of life right away. Holding off on something until you catch your breath or had a nap, helps to calm your nerves. This may sound trivial at first, but actually these are the kind of everyday things that end up mattering the most when you have been together for years and years. Want to show your husband that you are still making these kinds of efforts to strengthen the relationship? Doing these things out of the clear blue sky will.

Space is golden
A comic genius by the name of Patrice O’Neal said one time “men want to be alone, but we don’t want to be by ourselves.” These words should resonate with you if you want to understand the dynamic nature of a man. By their very nature they are hunters and gatherers, they often go out and work hard to support their loved ones. So when they come home, they feel as if they have done their part to make sure the bills are paid and there’s food on the table. Give them some space, go into another room and do whatever it is you want to do. Don’t take every opportunity when they are on the sofa, to sit with them and wrap your legs around their leg etc. it's cute and sexy at times, but other times it kind of makes men feel like they don’t have their own personal space. When he has some alone time, he will want to love and be with you even more because you respected him this way.

A meaningful item
If you are somewhat of a traditional woman, you will be more attracted to evening gowns and dresses rather than miniskirts and tight jeans. That’s perfectly okay, but think of what the parallel is for men? High-end men’s fashion is what the formal dress is going to be. So, surprise him by getting him something meaningful and powerful to wear with his suits, such as Italian ties. An item like the navy orange geometric circles tie is masculine yet creative too. This would go well with a navy, grey or even a black suit. Or if your husband likes white and cream suits, go with the red white flowers tie. And by the way, they’re made out of silk, so it's a high-quality style too.

Doing something for him such as changing up your pattern of behavior to suit his needs is going to make your relationship stronger. Everyone in a relationship needs to remember and feel like they’re an individual. Giving some space to your husband when he is tired will strengthen your bond in fact.

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