I Made Decorative Tile Art!

Friday, October 5, 2018

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The other weekend it was raining almost non stop and I was getting cabin fever stuck in my house.  Luckily, I had a really fun craft activity to try out and I had a blast doing it! In fact I think I found my next crafting project hobby. Decorative Tile Art by Lydia D'Moch is an awesome kit that comes with an instructional booklet, all the supplies you need (except isopropyl spray which you get yourself at the drugstore) and 4 tiles to design.  The best part is these can be just for decoration around your house, used as actual tiling on wall, or practical usage like coasters!

Everything is kept in a little box that is super pretty and would be easy to wrap as a gift for someone.

I laid some paper down to protect my work surface because I wasn't sure how messy it may get.  The book explains the basics of what you'll do so you get an understanding for why alcohol is used, etc. Then it shows you different tutorials which are all super easy.  Each tutorial  has a different design and technique but you can change the colors or design if you wish.  You can even just decorate yours with permanent marker. 
 The first technique I tried involved spraying my tile from a foot away with the isopropyl alcohol after coloring a quick design with 3 of my favorite colors from the set.

 Spraying the alcohol gives it a speckled/faded look which is really cool and artistic.  After spraying you have to let your tile dry overnight so that when you put the clear coat on top it won't smudge it all up if it's still wet.

 For my second design I didn't follow any of the suggestions in the book and instead I just made a tile for the dogs with their names on it. 
 The next design I tried was a striped tile with two different colors.  I then sprayed it with the alcohol and I smudged it a little with a paper towel.  Even though you think you messed it up, it actually just makes it look really artistic and abstract.

There was a geometric pattern tile tutorial but instead of drawing geometric shapes I drew a flower with tons of petals and sprayed it with the alcohol.  I love how it looks now!!!

After I let all my tiles dry overnight I applied the protective clear coat and eventually added the little felt dots on the underside of each tile.  I absolute loved doing this and now that I know how to do it I plan to buy more plain tiles and different color permanent markers and make plenty more. 
I have to say that the tutorial was SO easy to follow. I also really like the fact that if I messed a tile up I could simply wipe it with alcohol and start all over.

You can purchase Decorative Tile Art on Amazon and it's a GREAT GIFT IDEA!!!!

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