How To Style A Bookshelf

Monday, October 15, 2018

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I used to page through magazines and look inside other people's homes at how their style was being featured in this month's issue.  And then I noticed their amazingly organized, styled, and minimalistic bookshelves and I was hooked.
If you've seen my bookshelves on social media lately, you probably have found yourself motivated to redo your own.  Some people like bookshelves full of books, others just want décor, and still others want a mix of both.  So I embrace my minimalist style by doing a slight amount of both.

Yea, I know, it's goofy isn't it? There's a whole science to styling a bookshelf.  Yea, well I'm OCD and I like everything perfect down to the last detail.  And today, I'm going to give you tips on how to style your own bookshelves.

Organized and styled bookshelf

//Start Vertical
To start - decide which books you want to have stacked vertical on your shelves.  I chose ones that had different sizes so I could stack them big to small and I also chose some with beautiful spines.  The key here is to stagger the vertical arrangements.  So I did the bottom and top. 

When it comes to horizontal storage I just did one row.  I have to add more books over time but I know they will look good offsetting the vertical arrangements. 

an organized and styled bookshelf with books and decor items

//Add Small Décor on Stacks
Those vertical stacks of books? They look great with a small or short piece of décor on top. I picked some eccentric and unique pieces of décor to go with my boho style.

//Add Personality
So once you have your book arrangements you can add your personality through unique pieces of décor that represent you.  Since everyone knows I love Buddha, it's no surprise I have several Buddha statues amongst my books.  I also love succulents so a pot full of them (fake of course) is perfect with the rest of my style.

organizing and styling a bookshelf with books and decor

For similar décor items to those I have:

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