The Benefits of MediPets CBD Oil for Pets

Thursday, October 25, 2018

As many of you know, my Chihuahua Grace has struggled in the past with terrible pain from her compressed discs in her neck.  She was of course prescribed some pain medicine by the veterinarian but after about a year I wanted to look into some alternative pain treatments for her.  Specifically, I wanted to find something that would help with the inflammation and swelling in her body.  

That's when I began to explore the idea of Cbd oil for dogs and was pleasantly surprised by what others had to say about it. So many people were using CBD Oil to not only help with current health ailments but to hopefully prevent future ones from popping up.

So what is CBD Oil?
CBD Oil is one way to utilize CBD which is a naturally occurring oil from hemp plants.  There is no THC in it and MediPets CBD Oil is made in the USA from organic hemp. 

What can CBD Oil help with? 

Well, CBD Oil can help with many different issues in dogs and cats.  That's right, there is CBD for cats too! 
When it comes to skin, CBD can help with skin irritations that cause red patches and itching.  It can help pets from constantly licking their skin. CBD even helps with rough patches and stinky skin odor. 

For joins, CBD has been shown to relieve joint and mobility problems.  Stella suffered from an ACL injury earlier this year and I began to give her CBD Oil with her food each day to help the swelling of her joints. 

For older pets, CBD Oil can deliver a higher quality of life and in dogs and cats of any age it's often used to help with stress and anxiety. It can soothe their receptors and calm them down in stressful situations like when company comes over or a trip to the vet. 

How do I give it to my pet? 
MediPets CBD Oil comes with a dropper so you can put a dose of 8-10 drops on your pet's food, treats, or even in their water bowl 1 or 2 times a day.  You can change how often you give it to your pets based on their condition and their specific needs.  

The cool thing is that MediPets offers different oil products depending on the size of your pet or if it's a cat. 

What are the results?
I can only speak of the results I've seen with my own dogs and everyone can have different results but today I will share with you what I have observed since using CBD Oil to treat Grace and Stella.

Stella used to be very overweight and because of that, it was very hard on her little joints.  Thanks to a lot of rest and a reduction of portion size with her feeding, Stella lost her extra weight and I began to give her CBD Oil each day with her food to help any inflammation not only in her knee joints but throughout her entire body. 

Within a few weeks Stella became more active, even though she had previously favored her one leg and almost seemed like she forgot how to function on all 4.  She was so accustomed to using 3 legs that she still hopped around the house.  She still does that from time to time but I'm pretty sure it's just because she knows she needs to be careful on her one leg so she doesn't injure it again. 

We even had area rugs ALL OVER the hardwood floors so she wouldn't slip and re-injure herself. 

Stella is much more active these days and I truly believe it's because of her ongoing CBD Oil usage.  She doesn't seem bothered by me adding it to her food bowl and she still gulps down her meals like she always has. 

For Grace, the CBD Oil is especially helpful for the flare ups she has at certain times of the year, usually in colder weather.  I think it has something to do with the barometric pressure changing.  When Grace would get pain episodes originally they were horrifying.  She would act almost as if she was having a seizure and she wouldn't move.  Instead, she sat in a strange position that alleviated pressure on her cervical spine (neck) and would pant and tremble.  This would go on for hours and often happened for days on end.  It's always heartbreaking to see your pet in pain especially when they can't communicate with words how they feel and where the pain is. 

I began giving Grace CBD Oil with her food each day and night and she never minded me adding it.  Her episodes, as I call them, began to get spaced apart more and more and eventually she could go months without having pain.  During these times she still stayed very active and ran around the yard and wrestled with the other dogs. 

Grace hasn't had an episode in months, almost a year actually! I continue to give her CBD Oil in the hopes that it will prevent her flare ups and when she does have them, it will make them a little less painful and traumatic for her. 

Is CBD right for you and your pet? 
Obviously, if you wish to go down the path of using CBD for your pets you should be open to any result.  I've yet to hear of it not working for most people and pets but first hand with my own experience, I've been very impressed. 

I don't have guilt with giving my dogs chemical pain medications that always come with a list of potential side effects and long term complications. 

I also don't have to spend a ton of money on expensive prescriptions. It's $24.99 for a bottle of MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs Tincture and that's much more affordable for me especially with 4 dogs.

I highly recommend trying CBD Oil for your pet, whether it's to prevent future issues, help alleviate current issues, or just to give your pets a natural dose of goodness.

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