Benefits of a Neat + Tidy Home

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Imagine coming home after a busy day to a perfectly neat and tidy home....everyday. 
Imagine being able to keep up with whatever you're currently doing in your house because you've established a streamlined system of tidying as you go.
Imagine a home that is ready for entertaining at all times.   You never feel stressed when guests pop over unannounced.

Anyone that has ever set foot in my home has said the same thing..."Wow, it's so clean and organized".  And it is, but they seem shocked when I act like it's not a big deal, because it isn't. It wasn't always like this for me but then I got started on the KonMari Method of Tidying.  This is a way of life for me now and I'm so used to it and I embrace the fact that there's hardly any upkeep anymore.  So in your head if you're thinking that it would be too high maintenance to try to have a neat and tidy home, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong.  And the benefits far outweigh the effort. 

So, what ARE the benefits? Well...

A closet organized by type with shoes and handbags

More Time
You have so much more free time because you no longer have the filler tasks of tidying up a counter, reorganizing your closet every week, and sifting through piles and piles of paperwork to find the receipt you need. 

Gone are the days of shuffling through your closet in a panic because you're running late but you just can't find that top you're looking for.  For me, it's either in the wash or it's put away and if it's put away then it's on the hanger in the specific sleeve length section of my closet hanging by color. 

My jewelry is never misplaced and my makeup is always in the correct spot. 

Having more time means you can sit around and relax and do the things you enjoy like reading a book with a glass of wine on your porch!
A tidy and organized home office

More Money
You will definitely have more money because you aren't losing (or thinking that you did) stuff and having to buy it again.  You know your stock of your stuff. 
an organized kitchen cabinet

Whether it's pantry items or computer paper, you know where it goes and you can easily check to see if you are low on inventory.  This is especially helpful when it comes to medication and the medicine cabinet.  You won't run out if you can see everything you have and the moment you run low you add it to your grocery list.

Entertaining is A Breeze
I never ever EVER fret about unexpected or last minute company.  My house is always prepared. It's so easy and stress-free to entertain when you have a neat and tidy home because it's already organized, decluttered, and clean, requiring you only to do some touch ups like vacuuming  or wiping down the counters. 

More Zen
I am so much less stressed with a neat and tidy home.  It makes me happy just walking in and it can do the same for you! When you walk into a neat and tidy house you will have so much more positive energy emanating from you, I promise!!

You Can Find Everything
If you ask me for ANY object, even something tiny and random, I can tell you EXACTLY where it is down to the location in the drawer.  When you have a neat and tidy home you will practically never lose anything because everything has a place and everything is in that place.  And yes, I even have more energy these days because of my home so I have the energy to put things back in their place immediately after using them.

So are you feeling motivated yet to get your own home neat and tidy?


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