The Joy of Owning Rats

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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2 hooded rats in a woman's lap

Before you get all rude and say "Ew" just stop.  Rats are not gross.  Sure, sewer rats and wild icky rats may make you shiver, but domesticated pet rats are amazing.  I've owned rats since I was a teenager.  Rats are so so so intelligent and very clean.  In fact, they are obsessing with cleanliness and are constantly cleaning themselves. 

a pet rat cuddling in a woman's arms

My two current ratty boys are just the absolute sweetest things. They are always playing and snuggling with each other and they NEVER bite.  If you don't believe me, come on over to my house and see for yourself.
two pet hooded rats playing at a woman's feet

Rats to me are like miniature dogs (Yea, yea, I know my dogs are small AF already).  They are so smart, you can easily train them, they want to please you and be loved by you, and they are easy to care for.  Unlike most furry critters that children want as pets, rats actually love to be handled and taken out of their cages. 
2 domesticated rats cleaning each other

The important thing about owning a rat is that you have to keep them entertained so they don't get bored.  High maintenance right? Wrong! All you have to do is supply them with yummy treats and fun toys. And give them time to interact with you each week, like I do when I keep them on my lap as I watch TV.  Seriously, they are so content to just sit there with me, they don't even try to run away.

Recently I got a bunch of fun goodies from WARE Pet Products.  These are items that can be used for other critters not just rats of course. 

They love their little bamboo treat ball.  It was stuffed with hay, and they sometimes go inside it to explore, but mostly they chew on it throughout the day.  It's a great idea to give any small critter something to chew on because it helps keep their teeth from getting too long which can be fatal. 

FYI - It's hard to photograph rats because they move so darn fast when they're excited!

The Kapok Build-A-Nest stuffing is very important because rats and other small critters like to be able to make their own nest.  When I change their cage each month I give them a variety of new stuff to build their bed with.  They use straw, stuffing, and shredded paper.  All the different materials get used in different ways and it's so fun to watch them build it! Meeko and Jax both love building their nest each month and it's where they hide some of their food and snuggle up together to sleep.

All the other treat items are really great as a treat of course but also as a way to keep them active and not get bored. They love chewing on things and not only is it good for their teeth but it gives them an outlet for their energy.  On days when they get bored, they are mad men climbing around inside their cage!

Have you ever owned a rat? Or are you scared of them?


  1. That's so cool you have rats for pets. I don't think I could do it.

  2. Awesome pets: smart, clean, lovable - hands down better than a hamster. A wonderful rat rescue is nearby - rescue when possible, don't buy.


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