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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Have you ever just stared at some of the random decor in your home and thought that you have the strangest style ever?  I love unique stuff as long as it fits me and my personality.  Because of that, the décor in my home isn't just one theme, rather it's a big collection I've seen that I fell in love with because it reflects something about me and my personality. 

As you can see above my bookcase is full of Buddha statues, and a really pretty decorative bowl my Grandma gave me.  Everything is just a mish mash of  stuff I love.  So without further ado, check out some of the uniquely random décor in my home!

Goofy Buddha man holds some of my meditation jewelry and looks great next to bamboo.

I fell in love with this lion head because the lion has always been my favorite animal PLUS I'm a Leo. 

I love bright pink pops of color and it looks great with gold.  This spiky table décor I found at Target and I love it in different spots around my house.

I loved the vibes I got from this Buddha floor décor so I put some faux grass in it.

 I got this as a gift from my Blogger Bestie Monica of Jersey Girl, Texan Heart for Christmas.  I think it was actually supposed to be Christmas décor but it looks great on my wall year round especially since I have deer heads in other rooms.
 I found this gorgeous decorated floor piece at HomeGoods and it's Tahari brand.  I love the embellishments. Totally my style.
 I've always loved rhinos so when I saw a random rhino head I knew it would look great on my bookshelf.

And finally.. I got this painting at a local art gallery and I thought it would look awesome under my antlers on the wall!

What really unique pieces of décor do you have in your home??

For similar décor items to those I have:

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  1. Love that lion head on your wall.


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