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Friday, October 12, 2018

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Well, that wraps up my Chewy 30 Day Challenge with Only Natural Pet Dog Food.  In the first post I introduced you and told you the basics about the food, and in the second post I told you about the changes I'd seen.

So today I will give my final thoughts on this food and my future plans with it. I really like that I can feed some of my dogs a raw diet with all the benefits but I don't have to do all the work.  That was probably one of the biggest selling points to me with this whole challenge.

I also am very impressed with the benefits I saw in my dogs like staying fuller longer and less shedding and licking.  Those are also things that benefit me as a dog owner because I get to sleep in more, and have less clean up after my dogs each week with their fur. 

Having to clean wet spots off the couch from their licking was stressful and embarrassing for me and sometimes just the sound of their licking drove me nuts!! I knew that it was an issue with something in their diet but I didn't know what food may change it, until now.

And the shedding is easier on my home and my wardrobe since I don't have to worry about quickly brushing fur off of myself when I get to work since I just hugged all the dogs goodbye before I left the house.

I was looking for something that would improve Rocky and Pixie's digestion especially in their older age and this seemed to do just the trick!   It's also bite sized for their little mouths so that puts my mind at ease.  And of course the convenience of the resealable bag was also huge for me. I definitely will keep Pixie and Rocky on this for a bit and I hope to see even more improvements in the both of them!

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