How I Used A Necklace to Soothe My Anxiety + 15% OFF

Thursday, October 11, 2018

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You wake up and begin to get ready for your day.  Maybe you're going to work or maybe you have to run errands because it's a weekend.   Then that dreaded feeling of anxiety hits you for whatever reason and your heart begins racing and fluttering.  Your stomach starts to spin and your breathing becomes fast and makes you panic even more.  Maybe you know the reason you feel this way or maybe you're like me and although you treat your anxiety in a variety of ways, you still need a little bit of help.

If you were reading that paragraph and nodding your head yes, I FEEL YOU and please keep reading!  

See, for years I've taken medication for anxiety and depression.  It runs in my family and I've managed it very well.  Still, there are times when for whatever reason (a huge TO DO list for the day) I start to feel panicky and my heart races and as I'm walking to my building for work every morning my anxiety sky rockets.  I get in the elevator (alone since it's so early) and close the door and in the time it takes me to get up to the 10th floor, I'm staring into the mirrored doors at myself, breathing hysterically and wondering what my deal is.  I try to take deep breathes but I feel like in order to do that I need someone physically there to guide me through it.

I don't get like this every single day but when it does happen it's usually because there's A LOT going on in ALL the different aspects of my life.  

Some people have a soothing behavior they do to calm their anxiety and whether it's a quick meditation, a tap on their forehead (yes, someone told me they do that and it works for them), or writing their worries down, I am all about finding what works for you. 

The Shift necklace from Komuso Design is a breathing tool to help calm your nervous system

What do I do now?
Well, I discovered this amazing necklace from Komuso Design.  It's The Shift necklace and it was inspired by Japanese monks and designed by a therapist with a tested circumference that slows your exhale when you are breathing.  No mechanics, technology, or confusing instructions.  Seriously, it's that simple!

I was very skeptical at first because I was convinced breathing can't help me calm down.  That's because I was doing it all wrong. 

I mean, yes, you could just take a deep breath but if you're like me you need some training to actually breathe really deep.  The Shift trains your breath to go deeper so that you can feel better.  This physical act of breathing with a longer exhale triggers a neurological response inside you that calms your nervous system, slows your heart rate, reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and relaxes you mentally and physically.

When I put it on for the first time I felt like I was in some science fiction movie where I had a magical tool around my neck that would transport me into a different time and place.  It kind of DOES do that though because The Shift brings you back to the PRESENT MOMENT.   You do realize that when you feel anxious and panicky it's usually because you are worrying about something in the future.  The Shift is designed to snap you out of it.

Woman using The Shift necklace from Komuso Design for breathing to calm the nervous system

So I began using it right away.  At first it was awkward because I was trying to rush my breathing and I blew out like it was a straw.  It made a whistle sound and I realized it's because I was being too intense.  So I really stopped and tried my hardest to exhale slowly and naturally and after 3 tries it worked!!   For the last 2 weeks at work I've been using it every morning as I ride the elevator up to my office and I'm feeling so much better every day.   The Shift is like my little crutch, like a worry stone that you rub in your pocket.  When I sit at my desk and get anxious I turn my chair around, face the wall, close my eyes, and breathe.  The best part is, it's so discreet that no one even knows what I'm doing anyways.  
Woman wearing The Shift Necklace in Rose Gold from Komuso Design

But, it's also really fashionable...
The second best part is that The Shift is such a gorgeous necklace and I get compliments everyday.  The third best part is that people don't even know what it is unless I tell them.  You can choose silver, gold, or rose gold based on the type of jewelry you typically wear and you can absolutely layer this necklace with other ones. 

The Shift necklace from Komuso Design in Rose Gold with  instructional insert

Yes, it's easy to use!
If you're thinking to yourself "I won't even know how to use it", stop that! Inside the packaging there's a little fold out guide that explains in 4 easy steps how to do it. 

First, you inhale deeply through only your noise so you fill your belly with air.  While you do this you should try to become aware of your thoughts.  Then you pause briefly and gently exhale through The Shift for about 8-10 seconds and release all of the air from your belly.  This is EXHALING, not BLOWING.   Then you relax your jaw and shoulders and notice your thoughts and shifting to your breath. And finally you repeat 5 times at least.  Congrats! You just told your nervous system to take a chill pill and you're becoming more present with your breath.  Now you can tell your mind to be still.  It's almost as if you distract yourself from the silly thoughts that don't matter.
Woman breathing through The Shift necklace from Komuso Design to help calm the nervous system

Does it really work?
I guess that all depends if you use it correctly.  I can tell you that I feel a lot better and I haven't really had the random anxiety and panic feelings in the mornings lately. 

I also tend to feel rushed and anxious if I get stuck in traffic and I have somewhere to be and I actually started using The Shift necklace to calm myself when that situation comes up and it has been working like a charm.  In stead of sitting there angry at the other drivers, I go through things in my head like "Oh wow, that is a really pretty tree over there that I never noticed." Yea, it sounds corny but you will enjoy your life and your day so much more if you notice the great things around you.  I promise you that.

Woman wearing The Shift Necklace in Rose Gold from Komuso Design

Do you want your own necklace?
I highly recommend them and if you want to purchase one today you can get 15% off with the code ASKAWAY over on the Komuso Design website.  Like I said earlier, there are different colors to choose from and it's such a beautiful and lightweight piece of jewelry that even if you only use it as that, it's still worth it. 

Do you struggle with anxiety? What do you do to try to calm yourself down?  

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