Preparing Your Pooch for Spring

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Preparing Your Pooch for Spring

Spring is on it's way and while you're busy spring cleaning inside your home and preparing the gardens outside your home, don't forget about your precious pooch!  Your dog likely needs a few things done to prepare him for the nice Spring weather and being outdoors more often.  Here's a few things to keep in mind when it comes to preparing your pooch for Spring.

Durable Collar, Harness, and Leash

Now's the right time to check that any stakes that are in your yard for your dog's leash are still secured into the ground despite the crazy weather you may have had.  Also, ensure that your dog's collar or harness has no tears or weak spots in it.  The last thing you need is your dog's harness snapping and him breaking loose while you're outside on a walk. It may also even be time for a new leash or harness.  This is also a good time to refill any portable treat dispensers you have and stock up on any waste bags you need to bring along on your walks.  

Also, if you live in a busy area and walk your dog at night, make sure to invest in some safety attire like glowing vests, stickers, or lights for both you and your dog.  It's hard for drivers to see you at night if you aren't dressed properly and you're in a busy traffic area when it's dark out. 

Clean Up Yard Hazards
So once that snow melts away, you may find some interesting things in your yard.  Trash and recyclables that blew out of your cans in the wind may be strewn all over.  You may have sharp sticks or rocks from wind storms.  You also may have some strange looking plants, weeds, or even mushrooms.  Make sure you do a once over throughout your whole yard that you dogs have access to so you can remove anything that could be a danger to your dog. Dogs are curious and love eating.  So if you notice a dead animal at the foot of your yard, you better clean it up before your dog decides to roll on it! You'll thank me later for reminding you of this! 

Having shaggy fur can make burrs and sticks and twigs get stuck on your dog when he's exploring outside so make sure you get him a nice groom.  Trim the hair in between his paw pads that sticks out, get a nice scrub, nails cut down to avoid injury from zooming around outside, and whatever else your specific breed of dog needs.  Everyone likes a makeover during the changing of the seasons so why would your dog be any different? 

Flea + Tick Preparation 
This is a HUGE part of being a dog owner.  It's important to always safe guard your dog from the dangers of ticks and the annoyance of fleas.  I highly recommend a treatment like Onguard Flea & Tick Treatment from Chewy. They make it for cats and dogs and it comes in different doses based on the size of your pets. 

It's a convenient and fast acting topical treatment that kills ALL life stages of fleas and ticks on dogs that are at least 8 weeks or older.  When your dog is outside, he will likely come across insects he doesn't even see... like ticks. YOU NEED TO SAFEGUARD AGAINST THAT.  Onguard has the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus and it breaks the flea life cycle and gets rid of fleas.  It even keeps new eggs from hatching.  It's super easy to apply on even the squirmiest of dogs.  And it's water proof and long-lasting so even after a bath or a rain storm, your dog is protected! 

Are your pets ready for Spring? 

Preparing Your Pooch for Spring

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  1. I need to look into a new flea/tick option for our dog. I've been putting it off because it's winter and not a huge risk where we live with all the snow. I might go with one that has heartworm guard included. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. you're welcome girl!! It's about that time of year now unfortunately ugh


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