3 Simple Reasons Why You Have Chronic Earache

Thursday, June 18, 2020

If you are suffering from a dull ache, a sharp pain, or a constant niggling dullness in your ear, it can have a surprisingly detrimental impact on your life. Ear pain is relatively uncommon in adults. Kids have ear infections every other month, but adults don’t tend to suffer the same ailment. Having a chronic pain in your ear can prevent you from focusing, can leave you feeling depressed, and can stop you from functioning. Take a look at these reasons why you may have chronic ear pain and check out what you can do about it.

Wax Buildup

So, it might not be the most exciting of reasons, but a buildup of wax is a common cause of earache. Wax is a natural substance that is found within our ear canal to protect against infection and debris. However, when there is too much wax, it hardens, and it blocks your ear canal, it can become impacted. This can cause a dull feeling in your ear, and can result in pain. You may also find that your hearing is effected as the wax produces gunk and becomes infected. Doctors may carry out a simple hearing test to test how impacted your wax is. To combat the wax buildup, put a couple of drops of warm olive oil into your ear at night. This softens the wax and allows it to corkscrew through the ear canal before falling out.

Swimmer’s Ear

Sometimes, you may find that your ear becomes painful suddenly after taking a shower, bath, or going swimming. When water fills your ear canal and doesn’t drain properly, some can become stuck in your ear canal. This can result in an ear infection as the water can harbour bacteria and germs. An outer ear infection can be stubborn to get rid of. Head to the doctor if it hasn’t cleared up on its own after three or four days, and you may be prescribed antibiotics, especially if you have an accompanying fever or nausea.


It may sound odd, but the pain in your ear may not actually be caused by that organ. Your teeth and jawbone can be the root of your niggle. Pain from here can radiate to your ear. You need to fix the pain coming from your tooth or jaw, so a visit to the dentist may be in order. An abscess may be diagnosed, which may require a minor procedure. A filling is also an easy fix. Jaw pain can be harder to diagnose as you may find that you are grinding your teeth, meaning that your jaw joint becomes inflamed. A mouth guard worn when you sleep can prevent the grinding and allow the pain in your ear to diminish.

You could also have referred ear pain from a throat infection or strep throat. This is easy to diagnose as you will have a soreness in your throat, and you may have difficulty swallowing. Rest up and take an anti-inflammatory to ease any ache.

Earache needn’t be an ailment that you simply have to put up with. Take a look at what could be causing your pain and try some of these remedies to ease your niggle.

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