Easy Ways To Get More Fruit & Veg Into Your Diet

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

If there is one thing that we all know, it’s that science says that fruit and vegetables are good for us. I mean, what’s not to like? They’re colorful, they’re tasty and with enough variety, they can give you almost every vitamin you need. Fruit and vegetables have a place in our day to day diet, but the real question is whether or not you are able to find the time to include them in your day. It’s surprisingly hard to fit in the recommended eight fruits or vegetables per day if you’re trying to go one by one.

However, you can put more fruit and vegetables into your diet when you are more mindful about how you eat. Fruits and veggies will help your brain function, stave off a range of cancers, give you a healthier heart and make you feel more energized. You need the rainbow food, and it’s important that you get the right portions into your diet, too. One serving is around a cup of sliced or chopped fruit or veggies, and a single piece of fruit is also one serving. No matter how much of a portion you have, or whether you want to eat the same fruit all day long, you need to think about getting the right amount into your diet. You can search for the perfect strawberry juice recipe to accompany your meals, or you can load up on fruit for breakfast. Below, we’ve put together some easy ways you can get some more of the good stuff into your diet.
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Go For Convenience

It’s much easier to have more fruit and veggies in your diet if you plan for it. Have fruit bowls out in the open and keep chopped veggies ready to grab in the refrigerator. Your fruit bowls could be filled with grapes, oranges, bananas and apples, and you can have them in your eyeline. If you’re stuck at your desk at work, choose to have a fruit bowl at your desk. There’s nothing wrong with snacking all day if you’re snacking on brain food!

Choose Something New

Have you ever tried an avocado? How about a rutabaga? Some people love star fruit where others have heard of dragon fruit but have never tried it. A great way to get rainbow food into your diet is to buy a few new things in your next grocery shop. You should also consider some new recipes, which is why we mentioned the strawberry juice recipe earlier.

Go For Frozen

It’s a common misconception that frozen veggies are not good for you. This isn’t true! Vegetables that have been frozen are just as good for you, and they are easy to grab and steam or microwave in the freezer. They also won’t go bad too fast, which is something that often happens if they are left on the shelf or in the refrigerator. It’s so easy to chuck a handful of frozen vegetables into your dishes!

Prep, Prep, Prep

If you spend some time on a Sunday going through and cutting and chopping veggies and portioning them out, they’re there to grab from the cooler when you are off to work. Preparation is how you succeed with your fruit and veggies in your diet!


Dehydrated fruits like raisins, cranberries and dates keep really well. You can snack on these or add them to cereals and puddings so that you can add some fruit to your meals without even trying.

Make Soup & Smoothies

You can make vegetable soup and get six or seven servings of vegetables in one pot. It’s good for you, it’s tasty and it’s easy to do. You can do the same with a morning smoothie and drink 3-4 portions of fruit for breakfast. It can make such a big difference to your health when you do this!

Add Greens To Everything

If you are making a sandwich, add tomatoes and lettuce. Have a salad on the side of your pasta. Fill your smoothies with as many fruits as you can fit. You can add something green to every single meal and fill up on fruit and vegetables that way!

Salad For Dinner?

Swapping out a meat and potato-heavy meal twice a week for a salad will help you to pack in the good stuff. Add extra veggies to rice dishes and choose to bulk your dishes with green leaves. Salad can be with anything, from a solely veggie salad to tuna, chicken, beef, prawn - you name it, you can add it.

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