6 Ways Peptides Benefit Your Body

Monday, June 8, 2020

Peptides are a short chain of proteins called amino acids. As a signaling agent, the proteins help maintain and promote cellular health by allowing the small sections of protein to move into areas where other larger sections may not fit. Fighting inflammation, promoting healing, and destroying destructive microbes are a few of the ways peptides can benefit your body. Here are six more.

1. Anti-aging

Many studies are being conducted to better understand collagen proteins and the associated peptides. What is known about the small protein sections is that there is a direct correlation between the way the body ages and the absorption of peptides. Cosmetic companies provide creams, and lotions infused with supplements such as TB-500 containing peptides to promote firmer skin, reduce wrinkles, and increase blood flow. The tiny amino acids also aid in the production of the skin’s melanin, which protects against UV sun damage.

2. Healing

Wounds are stressors on the body which often involves inflammation and tissue injury. Peptides facilitate healing by transmitting information to the pituitary gland that certain cells need help in a specific area. The tiny sequences of amino acids cause a growth hormone to be secreted, which then allows new cell formation, joint rejuvenation, and muscle mass rebuilding.

3. Cognition

Some surprising clinical trials have recently shown that cognitive function can be improved with the benefit of daily peptide supplements. The improvements were found in individuals with dementia, cognitive mental dysfunction, and cerebral decline. Also, verbal fluency tests improved with the addition of peptides, and test subjects showed longer attention spans.

4. Libido

It has long been known that peptides play a crucial role in the human sex drive, but how the proteins affect arousal is still being studied. What is certain is that one type of peptide called kisspeptin is vital to the female libido. Along with stress relievers, sleep, and proper nutrition, kisspeptin enhances sexual desire and can improve other types of libido treatments.

5. Hair

Fighting hair loss in men and women around the world is a constant battle. The good news is that some peptides such as GHK-Cu have been proven to reduce hair loss, stimulate new hair growth, and fight the inflammation associated with hair follicle damage. Studies show that adding a copper peptide to your diet can prevent hair loss in over 90% of the individuals studied.

6. Weight

As the body ages, some hormones and proteins essential in maintaining a healthy weight begin to decline. Although there are over 6,000 types of peptides currently being studied, Hexarelin, Ipamorelin, GHR2, and GHR6 are best known in aiding in weight loss and eliminating abdominal fat. Many doctors suggest peptide therapies in the form of creams, lotions, or injections as a safe and effective part of a weight loss program.

Although peptides are small chains of proteins, they are critical to the proper functioning of a healthy body. Most peptides can be found in food sources, but sometimes the body needs help in identifying and absorbing the necessary proteins. If you are curious about how peptides can help you create the body you want, ask your healthcare provider about peptide therapy today.

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