Great Ideas For Outdoor Events This Summer

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


It's summer, and outdoor events are back on the wish list after many weeks in quarantine. We take a look at some awesome ways to make that first gathering one to remember.

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Summer has been different this year - so far.

With quarantine, many things have been postponed or canceled: holidays, weddings, garden parties, and beach BBQs. It's been challenging, but necessary, we have all gladly stayed indoors to protect our communities from the deadly virus.

Now there is light at the end of the tunnel, or shining brightly in the sky. With many States easing their lockdown restrictions, we are now permitted to meet in small gatherings in the garden, park, or down the beach.

For those of us who have missed an important event, such as getting married, or jetting off to a dream holiday in the Galapagos Islands, the idea of kick-starting the summer is as mouth-watering as a fresh melon on the sands or some sizzling kebabs on the barbie.

With the pandemic, our plans have had to change, as well as our expectations, but it's an excellent opportunity to explore some of the ways we can make the most of our homes and surrounding areas, to bring some of that summer magic back into our lives

In this post, we look at some fantastic and novel ideas to make summer 2020 one to remember; for the right reasons. It's time to catch up with friends face-to-face and to absorb some of those mid-summer rays.


We've all been there, a few text messages back and forth with friends, and suddenly, a bbq is a good idea. Often that's when they don't turn out the best, usually due to lack of planning.

If you plan to have a bbq in your garden or at the beach, make sure you've got the right hardware. It will make all the difference.

A great choice is the Travel Q Portable Propane Grill. This cute little grill looks great in the garden or down at the beach. It folds up easily and can be transported anywhere, meaning you always have a top-quality grill to use at any location.

Despite its size, it can still handle 16 burgers at a time and can quickly turn out a medium-rare steak with distinct grill marks. This grill has two burners powered by either a one-pound propane cylinder or a full-sized tank, great for direct or indirect cooking.

A Drinks Menu

As Bob Dylan once said - the times they are a-changing. Gone are the days when everybody boozed at social gatherings; now, some people prefer not to consume alcohol at all, whether it's because they're driving, watching their weight, or for some other reason.

The market has caught up with this trend, and now there's a decent range of alcohol-free beverages to choose from, many beers and ciders. If you have friends around, you'll definitely want to make this an option.

But don't only include the obvious brands. Make your event more unique with some colorful and inspiring summer cocktails.

Nonalcoholic sangria punch is easy to make, fruity, and surprisingly clear-headed. To make it fill a pitcher with orange slices, lemon slices, lime slices, orgeat syrup, and orange juice. Add nonalcoholic red wine such as Ariel to give it an authentic flavor. Stir it all together and refrigerate for at least three hours.

Don't forget to add the ice-cubes when you serve it up.

A Soundsystem

An outdoor party, or any party, just isn't the same without some music. All too often, the music at an outdoor event gets overlooked as people chat and mingle. It could go off without anyone noticing at some point.

Don't let this happen. Your music sets the atmosphere for your event, so get the right playlist and play the right tunes at the right time. Doing this can really set the mood.

If you need a Soundsystem, check out the diamondboxx. It might look dramatic, but it's a versatile sound system with amazing sound quality that's perfect for outdoor events or as an addition to your home.

The sound system is designed with two things in mind, durability, and sound quality. The enclosure is made with a dense fiberboard making it strong enough to stand on; never worry about your expensive speaker getting damaged again. Although it looks dramatic, like something from a techno party, most people put this aside because of its outstanding sound quality and versatile controls.

Vegan Food

BBQs are often associated with burgers, steaks, and sausages. Still, with an increasing number of our friends switching to a vegan diet, the bbq menu is changing.

Even your committed steak-loving friends will hang their tongues at these meat-free delights.

Vegan bbq ribs - made from seitan, these meat-free ribs offer a real bite. They can be cooked on the grill, turned and forked like authentic ribs, and taste great smothered in smoky bbq sauce.

Veggie Kebabs - These kebabs, made with tofu, and a selection of choice vegetables, are dosed in a peanut sauce that you will fall in love with. Grilling them on the barbie is easy and authentic.

BBQ Tofu - Tofu tastes bland and unappetizing right? You'd be surprised with these bbq tofu squares. Use extra firm tofu and slice into squares, paste in your favorite bbq sauce and grill or bake in the oven.

A Fire Pit

A wood-burning fire pit is a great way to bring people together at an outdoor gathering and chat and eat together informally.

There are many to choose from on the market, but if you plan on having regular events or even one annual event that becomes a date in the diary, it' s worth investing in one you can rely on.

One good design is a cast-iron bowl. It is large enough to sit around but not too big to carry. Generally made of cast iron or copper, you can expect one of these to last up to five years.

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