Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Monday, June 8, 2020

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so I wanted to put together some ideas for gifts for all the dads out there no matter what they’re in to.

Tickets to a Sporting Event

Whether it’s a national sporting event or just something local, tickets to a sporting event are a great idea for sports lovers because it’s time you get to spend together.

Go Fishing

If you and your dad enjoy fishing, plan a day or even a long weekend to go out somewhere and do nothing but fish until you can’t stand it anymore. It’s nice to get out in nature anyways, but doing something relaxing like fishing can make it even more special of a gift.

Yard Work

Gift your dad the most wonderful thing in the world – you doing his yardwork for him! Mow the lawn, prune the shrubs, clean up the yard waste, and watch how pleased he is afterwards. Especially if your parents are older, yardwork can be really hard on the body, so let him grab a beer and watch you before you finish and join him.

Steak Dinner

Dads love steak… seriously! Invite him over and grill the best cuts of steak you can find. If you don’t have a grill, just find a nice steak restaurant, make reservations, and enjoy the cooking of someone else!


Dads love gadgets. If you know your dad would really enjoy a new gadget that’s out there (but will be patient learning of course!) then consider getting him some sort of a tech gift. Even a drone or some type of small robot is fun for dads to tinker with. Bonus points if you set it up for him and hang around to use it for the day!

Test Drive Cars

Not only can you simply go to a dealership to test drive your dad’s favorite cars, but you can also look for local events where you can drive or ride in a supercar. Look up exotic car experiences at venues close to you. Get some great photos of your dad in his element too!

Custom Blanket

Dads love blankets and they’re always cold, right? Well, get him a customized blanket with his favorite team, his favorite colors, or a photo of a prized possession of his like a motorcycle, car, or even his beloved dog.

Funny Shirts

There are sooo many funny shirts you can choose from in stores and online that your father is sure to get a kick out of. Whether it’s funny quotes from his favorite movies or shows, or lame dad joke t-shirts, get him a bunch to upgrade his already awesome wardrobe.

Entire Seasons of Favorite Shows or Movies

Every dad has a series or show or even a movie that he is OBSESSED with. Purchase him a box set of it to watch anytime he wants and if there’s a collector’s edition, choose that one!! Bonus points if you watch a few episodes with him.

Cigars and Booze

If he’s into cigars and fine beverages, consider purchasing some high end brands for him. This is a gift you can enjoy right along with him.

I hope you can find at least something from this small list to spoil your dad with. Have a great time!


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