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Monday, June 1, 2020


Blogging is a great way to boost traffic whether it's to grow your brand, grow your blog, or inform readers about things you have expertise on.  But it's not just as easy as getting on the computer and typing up an article.   If you want readers to enjoy your content and your site, you need to focus more on the design aspect of your blog.   Here are some great tips on having a more successful blog based on the design aspects.

Have badges on your blog.
Many people have badges with their social media sites and other contact information on their blog but a lot of the time it's on the bottom of their blog.  The greatest advice I've ever received is to put them on your sidebar.  By doing this, they'll show up earlier in your post and it's easier for your readers to explore them.  Most of the time, the stuff at the bottom of your website gets ignored.  It's important to make things as accessible as possible as soon as possible so add a sidebar with your contact links and badges for accomplishments, and other blog posts that are a great hit on your site that you wish for people to see and click on. Your sidebar should look clean and organized so don't overdo it with excessive badges that no one would be interested in. You can keep those towards the bottom.

Make your blog mobile friendly.
Let's be honest, we're always on the go and we're usually reading websites on our cell phones, so you need to make sure your blog is mobile friendly.  Most blog host sites have an easy way to set this up, but you need to make sure you do it immediately or else you're losing traffic when people see a post on social media and click through to your blog then get frustrated and leave right away.  And it's not just cell phones; tablets are a big thing that people use these days so it's even more important now.

Make sure everything flows well.
You don't want too many columns because it can overwhelm your reader.  Most experts suggest 2 columns at most.  The first column will be where your main content like your blog posts show up and the second column is for your popular post links, contact info, and other bonus content.  You don't need anymore than that.

Chill on the advertising.
If you have ads popping up in the middle of a blog post or making it hard for a reader to navigate your site, they're not going to stick around.  I personally can't stand ads, especially pop up ads so I highly recommend finding another way to monetize your site.

Focus on the design aspects.
The way your blog looks is key to attracting new readers and getting them to stay.  You want a clear and high quality logo, good button graphics and a nice background and color theme.  If you don't have the skills to do it yourself, don't panic.  A professional graphic designer like Jeffery English NJ can work wonders for your website.  Reach out and talk to a professional to help you get the look you're going for and don't skimp on the budget for this!

Make sure you prioritize these things when creating and refreshing your blog so you can boost your traffic and keep your side hustle going strong!

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