My Biggest Pet Peeve of All Time

Monday, June 1, 2020

So today I get to rant a little because sometimes you just gotta let it all out. And before you wonder, no nothing specific triggered this post, it’s just been something that I’ve always had a pet peeve about. So let’s get straight to it. My biggest pet peeve of all time is people that complain. I don’t just mean someone saying they are bummed they didn’t get the promotion they interviewed for, no, I mean the people that complain about everything and can literally look outside on a sunny day and find something to complain about (the clouds are too puffy, the sun is too bright). These people then stay in a foul mood after they air their grievances.

Here’s why it’s my pet peeve…. Because when you are exposed to someone who does NOTHING but have sad, whoa is me stories about EVERY aspect of their life and annoying angry responses to every tiny inconvenience in the world, it is such a toxic feeling you get. Luckily I don’t surround myself closely with those people but I still come into contact with them on social media, at work, and other places. Those people give off such low negative vibrations it’s just something I try to avoid. I never feed into it either. I don’t bother trying to convince them to cheer up, because it’s not something you can just tell someone to do. If they haven’t responded to my comments of “well it could always be worse” in response to them telling me they got cut off in traffic, I know it’s not worth my energy or breathe to continue trying to give them those responses.

I mean there are literally people that will go on a ranting rampage about every aspect of their life and how unfortunate and miserable they are. I don’t have a solution for those people. And when they continue to rant and complain to me, I feel as if I’m expected to come up with a response or to affirm their feelings, which I won’t do. Most of the time I suggest they talk to a therapist, seek professional help, or I just apologize and say I’m sorry you’re struggling. What I won’t do is tell them how to improve their life (because I can’t give them that advice anyways) and tell them that they are right about everything they said. I just acknowledge their suffering and apologize that they feel the way they do.

The only reason this is a big pet peeve for me is because I have become such a joyful person inside. I’ve improved so much this way over the years and I’m so proud of myself. And so it’s very hard when I’m in an optimistic mindset and always trying to feel gratitude and positivity and then someone’s just spewing negativity about petty things to me. Now before you worry that you’re a complainer, notice what I just said. There are somethings that it’s okay to vent and complain about in life. We all go through struggles and tough times, and that’s just the human experience. It’s the really petty stuff that grinds my gears AND the stuff that people can take charge over but don’t because they’d rather just complain about it.

Someone can walk by wearing a color that isn’t flattering on them and a complainer will instantly start whispering about how that color is just horrible and they can’t believe they’re wearing that and blah blah blah. NO NEED! And then there are the people that keep complaining that a neighbor keeps putting grass clippings in their yard, and they’re practically fuming about it. And these people haven’t bothered to try to address it, so when they’re complaining to me all I can think to say is – ummm have you taken action yet?

So how do you know if you’re a petty complainer? Well, before you make a statement, share your grumpy feelings to your colleagues, or post on social media – ask yourself if this sounds super petty, whiney, negative, and would immediately turn someone off from talking with you.

So anyways, thanks for coming to my TED talk! What is your pet peeve?

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts today I really needed to hear that!


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