How To Be a Better Horse Rider

Friday, June 19, 2020

Horseback riding is an enjoyable physical activity for many people. It takes a lot of practice to become a talented rider. Even if you have been riding horses for years, you can always strengthen your riding skills. Use these three tips to build your confidence and skill as a horseback rider.

Practice Weight-Training Exercises

Many people don’t consider horseback riding a sport because it involves long periods of sitting while the horse moves. However, it actually requires a lot of stamina and physical strength to maintain proper riding form. Try incorporating weight training into your exercise regimen so you can strengthen the muscles you need to maintain your form. You don’t need to become a record-breaking weightlifter, but keeping your muscles toned is a great, easy way to improve your riding skills. This practice also helps you develop the strength to control a headstrong horse.

Improve Your Balance

Balance is one of the most important qualities for a horseback rider to have. Enhancing your balance makes it easier to stay seated on your horse in a variety of situations. You may decide to incorporate simple balance exercises into your daily regimen. You could also practice balance exercises on horseback. Try carrying items of different weights and sizes and transferring them from one hand to another. You can also set up cavaletti horse jumps and practice traveling over them at different paces. This practice allows you to develop better balance at different speeds while adjusting to the movements of the horse beneath you.
Try Multiple Riding Disciplines

Many riders prefer a single discipline but trying multiple ones is a wonderful way to enhance your horsemanship skills. As a jumper, your riding skills can be enhanced if you try dressage and learn how to shorten or lengthen your horse’s strides as needed. If racing is your chosen sport, give barrel racing a try so you gain a better understanding of how shifting your weight can help your horse be more flexible. Many riding disciplines foster the same basic skills but also develop different ones that can help in your favorite sport. Trying multiple disciplines will make you a better all-around rider.

The best way to improve your riding skills is to practice consistently. The more time you spend on horseback, the better a rider you’ll become. These three tips are easy practices that can further enhance your skills so incorporate them into your lifestyle so you can reap the rewards.

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