Why It's Important To Support Your Joints For Your Workouts

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Tis the season to workout and now that there are longer sunlight hours, there’s no excuse not to. You should be making time to run, get a couple of aerobics sessions in and lift some weights at this time of year. As the temperature rises you want to wear less clothing and strut your stuff down the beach. You have plenty of time to get into shape before the summer rush hits. But what can you do that will help you work out for longer and avoid injury? Supporting your joints is the hidden secret to awesome workouts because novices end up hurting themselves as they need time and practice to learn proper form and technique. Here’s what you can do to protect your bones and joints.

Wearing wraps

Wraps are something that weightlifters and athletes like duelists (fencing) and boxers wear. This is to protect your wrists from bending the front way and over-flexion. Because your wrists are like very narrow corridors for our nerves and ligaments to pass through into the hand and forearm, it's inherently a weak area of the body. With wrist wraps that you can buy online, you only need to place them tightly around your wrists and you will have the extra rigidity to workout without any danger. These are useful for push-ups, barbell curls, pull-ups and other things like kettlebell thrusts. However wraps aren’t just for wrists, you can also wear knee wraps, ankle wraps and compression wraps on limbs, all to give your body extra support.

Change your diet

The first thing you need to do when you sense you’re having joint pain is to increase calcium in your diet. Drinking more milk will help a lot but calcium supplements will also boost your levels sharply. You can also take Glucosamine in your food or drink, which naturally supports your joints and cartilage. Made from a plant, it's a clean product which contains glucosamine chondroitin as a combination and works to either slow down or put a stop to joint damage. One of the key properties of it is, it's anti-inflammatory which massively helps in reducing swelling and thus, additional pain from an injury or strenuous activity. You can put a drop of this into your food and you won’t even notice it. Since it's a liquid, it goes well with smoothies and green juice if that’s what you want to take with you to work for lunch.

No ego lifting!

The issue with joint injuries is that you often have to stop moving for them to heal. This will incur that you stay home from work. You can already see the serious implications of what this could mean. So, when you are weight lifting, you should never lift more than you can. Ego-lifting is a modern phenomenon that has spread wildly, due to social media. Everyone wants to show how tough and strong they are, but don’t be that person who ends up seriously injuring themselves by doing something silly.

Muscles can heal but joints are less likely to make a full recovery if they tear or fracture. Thus, you need to increase your calcium but use things like wrist wraps to give you extra support.

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