3 Tips for the Perfect Coat

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I tried to go as long as I could before I had to start wearing a jacket into work in the mornings, but now the time has come…so I decided I’d also write a blog about jackets and how to get the right one for your body type! 

These are three simple and key tips when it comes to this:

1.       If you are bigger in the middle, get a loose cut jacket.  For starters, it won’t squeeze you and make you uncomfortable on your walk in to work, but it also is great when you are wearing several layers in your outfit underneath. 

2.        If you are a curvy person make sure you look for a jacket with a drawstring or belt around the waist to help cinch it.  This is why I love the trench coat, even on women that are super curvy!!

3.       If you are very busty, make sure you wear a long jacket to help play down your chest.  Trust me, crop jackets are definitely not your friend!!

Did you purchase a winter jacket yet?

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