5 Fashion Tips to Prepare for Bad Weather

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Whether it's snow, rain, wind, or a combination of them all, these 5 tips will ensure you don't have any fashion mishaps!

1. Make Sure You Have Rain Boots
These are from Target (here)

Rain Boots are a must have, especially when you have to walk to your building in the city for work, or if you don't park your car in your garage at home.  Rain Boots are perfect to throw on if you have to run out to get the mail, to tie down yard furniture in a storm, and to use when running errands.  And no, I wasn't talking about the icky ones that you might imagine.  I mean fashionable and affordable rain boots.  

You can always find boots in all different prints and styles.  It's a great way to stay fashionable and keep your favorite pair of shoes from getting soaked!

2.  Always Carry A Hair Tie 

Sometimes the wind is so bad that you can't even see between the hair whipping around in your eyes and your amazing hairstyle coming undone.  Not to mention, have you ever tried to carry your work bag and everything else with you when it's super windy, beginning to rain, and you just need to find your car keys and jump in your car?  Yeah, it's no fun.  Make sure you always keep a hair tie in your handbag or on your wrist so you can tie your hair back out of your face if need be.  

3. Prepare an Overnight Bag
If a severe storm is heading your way and there's a possibility that electricity might go out or you could be evacuated, plan ahead.  Make sure to grab an overnight bag and include a brush, hair ties, clean underwear and socks, as well as 2 changes of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes and always have something to sleep in that will keep you warm.  This way, if you are urged to evacuate or you need to go stay with someone after your electricity goes out, you'll be prepared! And you'll be able to see when you get it ready!

4. Always Carry A Wind-Proof Umbrella
Fashionable Umbrellas do exist at Target (here)

There's no point in even using an umbrella if it has the possibility of turning inside out on you.  Trust me, I've had it happen numerous times and it's embarassing and your umbrella is basically ruined.  Look for umbrellas with a vented top that won't allow themselves to turn inside out from the wind.  Have one in your car, one in the house, and one in your office. Always be prepared.  And yes, they do have some cute designs on them.  I have a leopard print one that I absolutely love!!

5.  Ponchos Can Save an Outfit
Although they may not look so glamorous, in the occasion that you are dressed in something nice and expensive and you get caught in a bad storm, having a poncho in your car or in your handbag can potentially save your outfit by keeping you dry until you can get home or get to a change of clothes.  These are also great for concerts and sporting events!

What other tips can you think of or have you had to remember in the past? 

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