5 Productive Things To Do With Your Extra Hour of Daylight

Friday, March 16, 2018

Sunday was Daylight Savings Time when we turned the clock forward an hour and even though it made that day shorter, from now on each day will gain an extra hour of sunlight.  That's great and all but what are you going to do with that extra hour.  You may as well celebrate by doing things outdoors.  So I put together some ideas of some productive ways to use that extra hour each day.

#1| Exercise
Get out and take a walk or even a jog around your neighborhood.  Not only will this motivate you to get more active but it's actually a more pleasant experience because you get to see how Spring is evolving in your area.  You will start to see flowers and more critters and even more people outside. 

#2| Wash Your Car
Winter can be really rough on cars with all the salt and road dirt and mud so make sure you wash your car at least once every other week depending on the weather in your area.  Road salt can eat away at paint over time so it's never a good idea to let it sit on your car's paint.  That's why I always encourage people to at least rinse their car from time to time.  And if you don't feel like dealing with the physical aspect of all that, by all means just take it through an automatic car wash.

#3| Read
Reading is good for the brain and what better excuse to read than when it's warmer and sunnier and you can sit outside and enjoy the world around you while getting submersed into a whole new world.  I always read on our screened in porch in the evenings.  I try to stay outside as long as possible especially when I'm reading a really good book!

#4| Prepare Your Yard
This is a great time to tidy your garden beds and flower pots so that they are ready for new seeds and plants in the Spring.  Also a great time to clear any debris like clumps of wet leaves.  I love prepping my yard for Spring and even though pulling weeds isn't fun, it's productive so I feel good after I finish doing it.

#5| Grill
Grilled food tastes so good this time of year and it's a great way to save money by eating at home rather than eating out.  Plus you can grill meats rather than frying them and it's also a great excuse for entertaining. Throw some meat on the grill and ask your friends to bring a side dish.

What are you looking forward to doing with your extra hour of daylight this Spring?


  1. I love to grill food this time of year.


  2. The "prepare your yard" thing is something I've been procrastinating on for four years! Four summers have gone by and it's still a hot mess!


    1. LOL it's easy to put that off though! Maybe this year will be the year you finally do it lol ;)


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