It's Time To Swap What's In Your Snack Cupboard

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll have gotten into little habits without realising it, especially when it comes to snacking. You’ll sit down in the evening with a cuppa tea, pop on an episode of Altered Carbon or something and then, at the slightest rumble of your belly, go and grab the biggest bar of chocolate from your cupboard, or a pack of biscuits, or some crisps, or salt-covered nuts.

It’s the worst.

Sure, at the time, it’s amazing, but halfway through your snacking-session, wow, that feeling of guilt starts to settle in and you find yourself contemplating doing some sit-ups right there and then.

Of course, you’re probably thinking, “I need to stop snacking!” But, come on, that’s never going to happen. Nor should it, at least that’s what top nutritionist, Heather Carey, says. Instead, she says it is just a matter of swapping your snacks for healthy and edible tidbits. The good news is, pick the right ones and, wow, these can be as delicious as they are nutritious.

1. Almonds Are Awesome

A lot of the time, nuts pretend to be healthy. The problem is, they are covered in salt, which makes them categorically unhealthy. That’s where cape-wearing almonds swoop in to save the day. What’s more, you can pick them up from almost anywhere: supermarkets, grocery stores, fuel stations, pet stores, everywhere.

2. Cool As A Cucumber & Cheese

That’s right. One of the most amazing snacks you can ever get into the habit of chowing down in front of the telebox is sliced cucumbers topped off with some light swiss cheese. It could even be that Laughing Cow stuff if you fancy. It’s one of those combinations that will feel incredibly good the moment it touches your lips.

3. Nutritious Movie Snacks

In case you were panicking about this list being too boring or too savoury, don’t despair. Another great big healthy snacking option is popcorn and chocolate. What’s more, the only caveat is it needs to be air-popped popcorn and dark chocolate. It’s amazing, especially if you get your cheese grater out and turn your dark choc bar into shavings to go over your three cups of popcorn. Mmmmm.

4. Magical Melba Toast

Rye melba toast is the unsung hero of the snack world, which is partly because it actually fills your tummy and partly because you can get all sorts of creative with it. Now, you can put anything you like on to them, but our absolute favourite is melba toast with a nice dollop of low-fat cream cheese topped off with some dried and sliced cranberries. Honestly, if you haven’t had it, prepare for your mind to b blown.

5. Succulently Savoury

Another absolutely crave-inducing super snack is the combination of turkey slices and grapes. Of course. Not all turkey slices are born equal (that’s the first time we’ve ever said that!), so make sure you ask the assistant at your local deli counter for some with low-sodium. As for the grapes, grab as many as you can in your hands.  photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png

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