I Finally Used A DNA Kit || Here's What It Said (+ A MyHeritage DNA Coupon Code)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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You may have heard of them or even seen advertising for them.  There are several brands out there that offer DNA kits where you can submit a sample of your own DNA and wait to get the results back.  These results can tell you where all you're from.  I've always wondered what percent of different ethnicities I may be so I was stoked to get the chance to review MyHeritage DNA.

How It Works
Basically, you purchase a kit from MyHeritage DNA online.  Once it arrives you will send a DNA sample back to get analyzed in their lab and then get the results back in a few weeks.  You don't have to take blood or anything like that, you just give a saliva sample.  When the lab receives your DNA sample it gets processed to translate the biological information into digital data.  Then they use their algorithms to calculate your ethnicity and see which segments of your DNA come from which regions of the world.  They also compare the DNA to other people's DNA to find close and distant relatives. 
Your DNA and matches are only available to you.  Everything is safe and secure and they take this very seriously. 
The Kit
So when my kit arrived it came with an activation card that contained a number to use to register on the MyHeritage website.  It also came with 2 vials and 2 swabs that you use to get spit samples from inside your mouth.  And of course it had an envelope to submit my samples to the lab and a super easy instruction card inside.  All of the DNA collection items were sealed completely.
The Process
First things first, I registered an account and used my activate number to create my profile. 
The next step was to open the first swab, and get a sample. 
Yep, simple as that.

No pain at all. You just swab for a certain amount of time and then you're done!

Then you place the swab in the first vial, break it off, and then seal the container.  
You have to submit a second sample as well from the other cheek.  So I just repeated the super easy process.
Once both of the samples are sealed in the vials it's time to package them for mailing.

The kit comes with a sterile pouch with a little cotton pad inside to set the vials on. 

Once you seal the bag you place it in the envelope carefully and seal it for mailing.
And of course the final step is to drop the envelope into your mailbox.

Now you get to wait.  They send you a notification when the lab receives your sample and tell you a date that you should expect your results. 

The Results
On February 24th I received an email that my results were ready.  All I had to do was click the link and it took me right to my DNA breakdown.

So at first it shows you the general breakdown and the areas from which you may come from on a map.  It's crazy because I always thought I was mostly German and when I told my mom about the results even she had thought that.  But it turns out I'm 41.8% Scandinavian, 35.4% Irish, 8.6% Italian, 8.5% West Asian, and 5.7% something else.

Then they show you a more detailed breakdown within each ethnicity.  I was so shocked to see I was 2.3% Jewish!  This was actually really cool and I feel very connected with myself just knowing my actual roots.

I really liked the Family Tree part of the MyHeritage website because it allows you to create your family tree and enter specific (or vague) information about each person.  So after I got my DNA results it motivated me to fill out my family tree as best I could. 

The cool thing is that I actually had to do a family history project back in middle school so I ended up going to my parents' house and getting my project binder from them so I could use the information to add to my family tree.  After my tree was filled in as much as it could be I started receiving messages from people that somehow had a connection to me as either a 3rd cousin or something even more.  It was really cool to know that I can find more people that I'm likely related to in a way. 

MyHeritage DNA actually explains how DNA can be used to prove or disprove documented family tree connections. So on their website, when someone shares my surname or we have a match with a family tree owner we can both test ourselves with the DNA to see if we are related.  MyHeritage even helps find historical records based on your own family tree.  I already started getting notifications on results based on what I had entered.   I plan to continue using MyHeritage and I will likely pay for a membership so I can access even more. 

I HIGHLY recommend at least doing the DNA part of MyHeritage so that you can see where you actually come from.  It will definitely motivate you to learn more about those ethnicities and you'll end up learning a bit more about the world as well as yourself. 

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  1. I just did a 23 and me kit and it was interesting to see I have a good amount of Irish in me.


  2. I've always wanted to do one of these. Is it accessible from the UK?


    1. YES! it is! and there are actually some people form the UK that have connected with me on the website because we had some sort of DNA Links!


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