What’s in Your Car? Here Are 10 Essentials That Every Car Owner Should Keep in Their Vehicle

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Whether you’re a new car owner or a seasoned driver, it’s important to keep useful things in your vehicle. After all, you have plenty of space for small bits and pieces, so why not enhance your driving experience (and safety) with these 10 essentials that every car owner needs to keep with them.

1. Your car manual

You don’t know everything about your car, so make sure you carry your manual around in the event you ever need to reference it.

2. Duct tape and WD-40

Duct tape and WD-40 can repair just about anything until you get to a garage.

3. Spare tire with a tire jack and tire iron

A flat tire is a horrible thing to have in the middle of nowhere, so learn to replace your tires and carry the necessary equipment to do it.

4. First aid kit

Keep yourself safe with some emergency supplies like bandages, disinfectant, and painkillers.

5. Flashlight

Car repairs at night and in the dark can be frustrating without a source of light.

6. Seatbelt cutter and window breaker

In the event you ever crash and you’re unable to get your seatbelt free, a cutter and window breaker will save lives. Just pray you never have to use it.

7. Physical maps

When your battery runs out, how are you going to use your phone’s GPS to get around?

8. Battery bank

Keep those devices charged so they can keep being useful.

9. Tissue boxes and paper towels

Clean up spills and sneeze in a hygienic way with tissues boxes and paper towels.

10. Standard toolkit

A toolkit will contain most of the pieces you need to fix virtually anything in your vehicle.

Of course, you also need to keep certain things in your vehicle depending on the current season. For instance, during the summer it’s great to have spare bottles of water and a towel to soak up your sweat, and during the winter you may want a survival kit with even more accessories and safety gear.

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