Simple Tips for Organizing Your Closet + A Free Printable List to Help You

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A neat and organized closet can make or break your morning.  It can mean the difference between knowing what to wear and stressing out because you can't find a certain piece. Having an organized closet has changed my entire life. And while you may feel overwhelmed just thinking of doing it, I promise you it's so worth it in the end.  

Empty Your Closet Completely
I'm serious.  You have to start with a clean and empty slate so you MUST remove everything.   This not only lets you see what space you have to work with but it's also going to force you to go through your stuff piece by piece.  When you go through your stuff while it's still in your closet it's harder to get rid of things you'll never wear. I don't understand the science behind it but it's a real thing. Place everything into piles on your bed or on the floor by category - tops, jackets, pants, undergarments, workout clothing, etc.   If you have some items in drawers you must empty those as well. 

Sort Through the Piles
Now is where the real work gets done. You can't organize a closet until you have gone through everything.  Go through each pile and decide one of three things with each item.  Keep the items you love and currently wear.  Toss any items that are ripped beyond repair and don't get worn anymore.  Donate any items that you no longer wear, fit, or enjoy.  I always have a trash bag for toss and a trash bag for donate.  The keep items can go in a new fresh pile on your bed.   If you aren't sure what to do with something you can set it aside and come back to it later but make sure you really think about it.  Don't be afraid to try things on either. 

Decide How To Arrange Everything
Do you want to hang and order your tops and dresses by color or type?  I do everything by type (sleeve length, etc) and then color within each category.  How do you know what works best for you?  Well, I always decide what I'm wearing for the week based on the weather so it makes sense for me to sort by sleeve length and type.  If you are someone that chooses things by the color you want to wear then color coding your entire closet may work best for you.  You'll see I made my own closet divider tags. You can purchase closet dividers and you'll love how it helps keep everything divided. 

Hang As Much As You Can
It's always easier to find items that are hung rather than folded.  I only use my dresser for workout gear, pajamas, underwear and socks, leggings, and skirts.  Dresses, jackets, and tops get hung.  My jeans get folded and placed on one of the shelves in my closet.   I also have a hanger for certain pairs of jeans that I plan to wear during the week since I plan my outfits ahead of time.

Consider Adding Shelves
Shelves are great for displaying shoes and bags.  I don't like drawers because they squish everything so I try to make the most use of my shelves in my own closet.  

Save Space with Organizing Solutions
If you have lots of room for hanging clothing, consider hanging your handbags with special hooks. Use slim hangers to save space on your closet bar. I seriously save so much space with thinner hangers.  If you want to display your handbags you can get shelving dividers that will help keep them separated.  And you may notice that I have doubled my shoe storage space simply by using Shoe Slotz. I also store some less often worn nicer shoes in plastic shoe boxes.  

Don't be upset if you have to rearrange and think of new solutions in order to make the best use of your own space.  

When you're all finished you will SO enjoy your spacious, well organized closet.

Click here to download this free printable PDF checklist.

What organizational issues do you struggle with currently when it comes to your closet? Leave a comment below and let me know! 


  1. Thanks for these tips. I so need to do a closet over haul.

    1. You're so welcome! I know right, everyone needs to redo their closet at least once or twice every few years.


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