Staying Motivated As An Entrepreneur

Friday, March 2, 2018

Being an Entrepreneur is empowering but also difficult.  There are times when you may feel like giving up because you're struggling but that's okay.  It's normal to encounter tough times like this so today I wanted to give you some inspiration and motivational advice on how to keep going! 

Reflect on Your Purpose
Remember why you started what you are doing and what you hope the outcome will be.  You have a purpose and you are seeking to accomplish it for a reason.  Whether the benefits are big or small, reflect on what they are. 

Surround Yourself with Other Entrepreneurs 
Get to know other Entrepreneurs on a local level and connect with them to vent and seek out advice.   Read about Entrepreneurs in interviews like Chrissy Weems, and

Be Proud of Overcoming Downfalls
Everyone struggles especially in the beginning.  Any time you push past a difficult time, remember how good you felt overcoming it.  When you struggle in the future, reflect on times that you were struggling but still overcame challenges.  You can do this! You've done it before and you will do it again. 

Seek out Scholarships  
As mentioned above, Chrissy Weems has a scholarship available where you can write about an adversity in your life and how you fought to overcome it.  If you are in college or high school (and accepted to a college) you are eligible to apply to win a scholarship that can help you fund the pursuit of degrees that can help in your field. 

Learn from Your Mistakes
If something doesn't work for you, try another way but remember that the original way you tried may not be the way to do it next time.  Everyone makes mistakes but it's what helps us all grow and learn. 

Embrace Your Unique Features
I once wrote about what makes me different from other bloggers and how I embrace my differences.  It turned out I was right in embracing them because I got a lot of feedback from people that they loved the way I do things. 

Protect Your Investments
Anything you use as an Entrepreneur should always be well taken care of since it's going to be used for business reasons.  I wrote about how to care for your computer and why it's important to always make good purchase choices and protect anything you use for business operations because if something goes wrong it can be devastating for business.

Support Others
If someone is trying to do the same thing as you, support them rather than try to be in competition with them.  You can both learn from each other and networking is always a benefit in any field.

So no matter what hardships you're facing, don't give up! You can do this!  



  1. Your post was spot on with advice for newer entrepreneurs. Starting a new business and working through the beginning stages is the toughest part. I loved your point about surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs. From experience, I'd also add surround yourself with others who are successful in your niche. You'll learn a lot, make new friends and grow you business faster. Good article, pinned! XO- Wendi@H2OBungalow

    1. Thanks so much for all the kind words!! It's so true though and I just love seeing entrepreneurs stay successful! And thank you for pinning!!


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