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Monday, March 12, 2018

Finding the love of your life is the best feeling in the world. All those years of soul searching feel like they’ve led you to your fate. Now, you understand what Plato meant when he said Zeus split us all apart at birth. You, yes, YOU, have found your soulmate.

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If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get engaged, have the wedding of your dreams, and live happily ever after. There is, of course, one small issue with happily ever after. It isn't the end, and things rarely stay happy forever. This is real life, not a film. You don’t get to walk into the sunset forever after. You have to deal with what happens after your happy ending. Spoiler; it isn’t always happy. Instead, you have to deal with the ins and outs of living life with your partner. And, it isn’t unusual for even the happiest couples to start arguing.

It can be devastating when this happens, but it is healthy to a certain extent. If you find you’re arguing a lot, though, you may want to get to the bottom of why. And, we’re going to help you do that by looking at some common causes.

You don’t spend enough time together

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Life is busy. We all want to do our own things. Before you know it, you and your man never see each other. You eat dinner together. Then you head back to your separate worlds. It’s hardly what you expected when you got married. Plus, if you don’t spend time together, it’s easy for intimacy to fade. When that happens, you may start to feel more like housemates than lovers. Housemates are less tolerant of each other, hence your arguments. The good news is, there are ways through. For one, you could look into companies who offer marriage retreats. Here, you’ll be surrounded by loving couples, and that love is sure to spread. Or, you might want to dedicate an hour each night to sitting down and doing something together. Over time, you’ll feel as close as you ever did.

You’re taking each other for granted

When we take people for granted, we don’t always think about how we speak to them. They’ll love us unconditionally, so it doesn’t matter if we snap, right? Of course it does. Speaking sharply to your partner is sure to lead to arguments. If you do it often, you’ll argue often. You may even start to lose respect for each other. To make sure that doesn’t happen, always think before you speak.

Something else is going on

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If you can’t get to the bottom of why you’re arguing, there may be something else going on for your partner. They might have worries at work or a health scare on their mind. If there seems to be no rhyme or reason to your arguments, consider whether this is the cause. If you’re unsure, ask them. Once things are out in the open, the air is sure to be clearer.

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