Examples of Potential Personal Injury Cases

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

You probably see a lot of commercials or scroll past a lot of articles about personal injury lawyers like Hunter Law Group (personal injury attorney, Tampa)  and you're wondering how it would ever relate directly to you.   You may be wondering what constitutes a personal injury. Say you get into a car accident and you're suffering from pain.  Obviously you would want to meet with someone like Hunter Law Group (auto accident attorney, Tampa) and speak with them but I wanted to put a few examples together on what could be considered a personal injury case.  

Auto Accidents
Any time you are involved in an automobile accident you can sustain a personal injury.  When this is the case everything should be handled properly.  Police should be notified of the accident to create a report, insurance information should be exchanged immediately, and any witnesses should be properly documented.  If you sustain injuries you should keep notes on them and take plenty of photos.  Also, make sure you take plenty of photos of the damages to all vehicles involved. Because of the hassle of an auto accident there are all kinds of losses you can suffer like vehicle damage, medical bills, and time off work.

Medical Malpractice
Hopefully you never have to experience this but it does happen.  Occasionally people suffer from in injury (or even death) because of the negligence of a medical practitioner.  In these cases the injured person can often sue and collect money for damages.

Defective Products
Sometimes a person sustains an injury from a defective product. Sometimes products are deemed defective because of a manufacturing defects, a poor design, or a failure to properly warn the consumer of a risk for injury. In cases like this the manufacturer can sometimes be sued if the consumer was using the product in the correct and reasonable way.  Remember that this is why warranties exist when it comes to certain products that get repaired so they are up to the safest of standards. Obviously you should seek out the advice of an attorney if this happens to you.

Workplace Injuries
You've heard of people being injured on the job but it's not just limited to manual labor jobs.  Even people that work in the corporate world can suffer injuries while on the job.  The injury generally must be related to working conditions and can result in physical or psychological effects.  There is a lot of important documentation that is needed in these cases so contacting an attorney should be the first thing you do if this happens to you. 

Hopefully you now have a little bit better of an understanding of what can be deemed a personal injury in today's world.


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