Clearing The House Out For Charity

Monday, March 19, 2018

Doing things for good is one of the greatest things a person can accomplish in life, and everyone is capable of it. Clearing the house out is a well known spring activity, but the clear out doesn’t have to stop there. Instead of simply throwing everything you don’t want anymore away, try donating it. It’s a lot more productive, and will leave you with a warm feeling inside as soon as you’re finished the last spot of dusting. With that in mind, here’s a couple of steps to take before you bag everything up.


Pick Your Organization

Who you’re donating your used goods to is going to be a big decision and have a real impact on that charity. You can go local, which would be the most useful option, or you can send off your items to further afield, depending on the kind of charity you really want to help at that point. Some are in a little more need than others, so be sure to research this if you want to your donations to go as far as you can.

With a local store, it’s simple enough: pack your stuff into the car and go down to the shop (if you don’t know where the warehouse is), leave your stuff with them, and then the volunteers themselves will take it from there. But if you’ve got your heart set on a cause that isn’t close to home, check out their website. Something like will have plenty of ways you can donate to help their efforts out.

Pick Your Junk

Your junk is definitely going to be someone else’s treasure, and because of that you need to be donating only the top quality stuff you find lying around your house. Junk can be quite a lucrative market after all, considering the low, low prices people are going to get on anything in a charity store, so bulk out your bags as much as possible and take a trip.

Your old clothes are going to be a big hit with the charity shops, as people always want more vintage clothes compared to what’s on the market nowadays. These shops are also a good place to pick up some business wear, so if you have any old suits, take them on down too.

Similarly, if you have any old technology lying about, like that old video game console that hasn’t seen use in years, take it down too. People go crazy over old electronics like that, and you might actually own a collector’s paradise that has just been sitting around in your attic! People can get these pieces of tech working all the time, so if you’re not sure it works just test it out. You can find some handy tips on this at

Clearing the house out for charity is going to be a good use of your time, and will also mean you’re finally putting all that junk to good use.

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