Miranda Kerr with Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere Bag

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

If you know Miranda Kerr, you know she has an absolute obsession with beautiful handbags. And, out of all the bags photographers have seen in rotation over the past few years,
her Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere bag is certainly the one she’s seen with the most!

Miranda Kerr is known for many roles as one of Australia’s most iconic models, but she really rose to prominence back in 2007 when she was featured as an Angel by Victoria’s Secret. She was the first woman to represent Australia in a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot, but that’s not the only thing she’s known for.

She’s also a big deal in Australia because anyone who shops at the David Jones department store chain has surely seen her. She is their representative model, and with a previous marriage to Orlando Bloom and a current marriage with slightly-lesser-known but no-less-handsome Evan Spiegel, she’s definitely remained in the highlights section of just about every relevant magazine on the newsstand.

If you see any candid shots of her out in public, it’s very likely you’ll see a black handbag adorning her arm. And, while she has a growing collection, it seems like her Louis Vuitton is her favorite go-to--and for good reason. Anyone who keeps up with designer labels knows that Louis Vuitton is at the top of the list of designer handbag makers. Originating in Paris, France back in the 1800s, LV has remained one of the most favorited hand bag makers in the world.

In addition to Miranda Kerr, you’ll see Louis Vuitton bags dangling on the arms of countless other celebrities too, like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Karlie Kloss, alongside countless others. 

Miranda Kerr is pretty open about her love for Louis Vuitton, exhibiting many of their handbag designs over the years. And, while it has led many fashion-forward fans to drooling over the look, most of them won’t be grabbing hold of their own anytime soon--at least not without a good deal of savings (or credit!).

Speedy Bandouliere Bag, for instance, costs more than $2,400 if you want to string one over your shoulder for yourself. But, if you happen to be on the market for one anyway, you’re in luck. A handful of websites do carry it, just look out for fakes!

And, before you close the deal, you might look at the many other photos of Miranda Kerr and the other hand bags in her collection if you’re looking for inspiration or trying to sport a similar look. Her Givenchy Lucrezia Micro Leather Satchel, for example, is among her other favorites.

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