Great Health Starts At Home

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Home is where the healthy heart is.

-Me. (2018)

Staying on top of your health is never easy. However, the challenge becomes a lot easier when your home surroundings provide a solid platform from which to build. Before thinking about the unreasonable lifestyle upgrades, why not focus on building a home that promotes good health?

It may seem like a daunting transformation ahead, but the seemingly small gestures can make a huge impact. Use these six top tips to your advantage, and you should see great results in no time.


#1. Keep Your Living Spaces Clean

To use an old cliché, a clean home is a happy home. More importantly, though, a home free from endless dirt is far less likely to make you ill. With the help of robotic vacuums and cleaning appliances, there’s no longer any excuse to ignore it. Besides, it’ll be good news for the entire household, which should be a huge incentive for any parent.

A clean home doesn’t only help you fight off flu and breathing problems. It’ll also go a long way to putting you in the right frame of mind and should promote a far greater energy. Meanwhile, taking greater control with good organization can make the home feel bigger.

#2. Create A Workout Space

If you’re a regular gym goer, that’s great. Nevertheless, it’s almost impossible to get to the gym every day, which is why a little workout space can become one of the most valuable assets in your home. Even if you only get a few minutes exercise each day, it’s better than none. 

There are a plethora of workout DVDs on the market. Likewise, yoga or lifting a few weights can work wonders. Without dedicating huge spaces to those workouts, there’s no doubt that keeping an area clear for those activities can work wonders. Aside from the physical gains, it can be a great way to remove stress.


#3. Make The Home Comfortable

It’s very easy to overlook the significance of having a roof over our heads. However, enjoying a comfortable temperature and good air circulation can prevent minor illnesses. If your facilities aren’t good, head to for support. Whether it’s repairing faulty units or installing new ones, the immediate impacts will promote better health.

Again, the emotional happiness gained from avoiding those illnesses and having a comfy home environment is key. After a long day in an unenviable situation, returning to a property that will help you recuperate is truly a blessing.

#4. Stock The Cupboards Well

Nutrition is a central focus for any healthy living plan. With the right kitchen gadgets, even novice cooks can create wonderful tasting meals for all the family. Embrace ideas like freezing leftovers and creating sauces from scratch too, and you should save money in the process.

Getting into good habits can improve your diet at home and work. Even when treating yourself to some naughty goods, taking the healthier option will have a hugely positive impact on your health. Life is all about balance, and this is a great way to achieve it. If it helps you avoid the truly bad foods and takeouts, this can only be a step in the right direction.


#5. Enhance Your Sleep Patterns

For all of the positive steps made during the waking hours, improved sleep is the greatest single step en route to better health. Choosing a winning mattress is, therefore, the most important investment of all. Visit to learn more about the possibilities. This will allow you to start and end each day in perfect style.

A good bed should be supported by a positive bedroom layout. Thick drapes and a spacious environment will always serve you well. Given that you spend around one-third of your life sleeping, getting it right is not up for debate.

#6. Encourage Greater Water Intake

The importance of good nutrition has already been discussed. In truth, though, any positive diet should start with drinking more water. Eight glasses should be the minimum, and installing a filtering tap will allow you to get it in style. Meanwhile, some people find that soda streams are a good way to make it a little more exciting.

There’s nothing wrong with a daily cup of coffee, but the reliance on caffeine is never good. When coupled with the empty calories of other drinks, it makes sense to make the switch to an almost exclusively water intake. Do it at home, and you’ll soon naturally do it elsewhere too.
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  1. Ever since I found out about minimalism I've been keeping my home interior clean and minimal. This, unsurprisingly has had a positive effect on my mindset and keeps productivity as well. A clean home is a happy home indeed.

    1. I know isn't it awesome? I always tell people that it's so worth it in more ways than just a tidy home!


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