Girly Grumbles and Womanly Worries: Keeping Your Health In Check

Thursday, March 22, 2018

As a woman, we go through so many bodily changes during our lifespan; from puberty to pregnancy our bodies are constantly fluctuating and adapting to our individual lifestyles. You would be surprised at how technically precise our bodies can be, with clever mechanisms to keep us alive and thriving. Many biological changes are out of our control, but there are ways that we can stabilize ourselves, from improving our feminine hygiene to attending regular check-ups. Here are a variety of ways to keep your ladylike form feeling fantastic. 

Don’t Delay, Get Checked

Every year you should get yourself professionally checked by the doctor. The rate of cervical cancer is on the rise and if you don’t have a regular smear test, you might be at risk of developing HPV, which is an infection that can develop into abnormal cells or even cancer. I would always research a good gynaecologist near me and schedule a regular appointment to keep your mind at ease. If you’re hoping to have children one day, then this is most certainly an important step to make in terms of your health as a woman. Don’t forget to regularly check your breasts for abnormal lumps and bumps too; even if it is for two minutes every time you take a shower. It is better to be safe than sorry, so keep checking on a regular basis.

Movement Matters

As a woman we can be more prone to gaining weight around our waists, developing cellulite and generally struggling with our moods. You don’t have to reform to this stereotype though, if anything you should be looking to combat this and be the fittest, healthiest woman you can be. Partake in a relaxing and calming exercise, such as yoga or Pilates. Not only will you be tightening up your muscles, but you will also be able to release any stress that has built up in your mind and body. Use gentle exercise as a method to relax and rejuvenate and enjoy feeling comfortable in your body again.


Healthy Hacks

It is a known fact that women don’t require quite as many calories as men on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself for the sake of looking good. It has been proven that certain foods have benefits for women, due to their specific nutrient contents. Tomatoes, flaxseed, kale and salmon are all super foods for ladies to love, the omega three fatty acids and antioxidants can contribute positively to your overall health and wellbeing. Consider taking a supplement to support the growth of your hair and nails too; there are lots of excellent products in local drugstores which can help you glow from the inside out.

Stay on top of your ongoing health and you will soon feel at ease with your body. Find a steady rhythm and start to settle into what makes you feel great. You will no longer have to worry about those alarming aches or puzzling pains if you keep an eye on each change your body is going through.

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